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  1. I am looking in to what I would like to grow next, and I am thinking about some seeds from DNA. I would like to hear some input from other people who have grown them before. They have so many that I am interested in that I feel kind of overwhelmed.  :laughing:  So that's why I am asking for other peoples opinions on their strains.
    Also specifically I am looking for a strain that will do well in Scrog, and is 8-9 weeks. So let me know what's up.

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    I've grown there Martian Kush, Kosher Kush, and Purple OG #18.
    My favorite is the Kosher, but she is a finicky one and doesnt yield much.  Primo smoke though, taste is just amazing. 
    I have a real nice Urkle leaning Purple OG18 pheno, that was super gooey and sticky but no OG taste, more urkle leaning like I said.  Still a keeper for the goo factor and nice hash it produces.  The OG pheno I had hermed out. 
    Martian Kush is a real vigorous grower, I'm flowering one out right now. Last one I grew out was ultra stinky, but no profound taste to it.
    I do all my flowering outdoors, year-round.  I think most of their indica leaning stuff will do great in scrog.  Attitude has almost all of the limited line up in stock right now, with a bunch of tempting offerings.  
  3. Chocolope, sour d, silver kush,kosher kush Haven't grown anything close to average from them. Great genetics.
  4. What about La Cannalope, has anyone tried that?
    Also should I go with regular or fem seeds?
  5. I'm currently growing Martian kush now, I got 2 seeds from fem seeds from DNA . Each showing different traits. 1 tasted just like martian mean green and a slight kush after taste , yield was way better than mmg, which is one of my favs. It didn't clone well either. The 2nd seed is more on the kush side with a heavy reeking kush smell but not the taste to back up the smell .it cloned very well and yield was better than most other kushes I've grown. I am taking into account that they grew from seed that usually yield 25% more than clones.
    I'm going to continue to grow both as I'm very happy with both. If you like tasty herb the right pheno of M kush could be for you
  6. I'm about 3 weeks away from harvesting 2 Chocolope plants and can definitely recommend them based on what I've seen so far.    Very easy to grow and the smell coming off these girls is beyond descriptions and just out-of-this-world delicious!    I can only hope that this smell comes out in the final product after a nice slow dry and cure.    Based on my experience with Chocolope, I am definitely looking to incorporate some more DNA strains into my future grows, very impressed so far. 
  7. I've smoked LA Confidential & Chocolope Kush that a friend of mine grew. Both fantastic smokes.
    I'm really interested in trying DNA's LA Chocolat & LA Woman. Found a deal for 3 LA Chocolat and get 1 LA Woman free, that brings the seeds down to 10.75 euros per seed.

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