Dna freebies!?!?!?!?!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Rusty, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Attitude is giving away DNA freebies, California Hash for all orders followed by Blue Hash and White Widow.......That is so cool, I have been watching these strains and now they are free....I just made another order to them just to get those nice new freebies....Bye Bye G13 Labs and hello DNA....nice genetics....Im not saying G13 Labs sucks, but these DNA strains are awesome.....The free Thai Super Skunks are growing very strong and fast...Hope this helps someone...Have a good day....Later...

  2. damn dude, you need to go read that website again. good luck with those "dna genetics" freebies. LOL.
  3. Sorry friends but they are actually freebies from "Dinafem", not DNA. Still, a big step above G13 Labs apparently.
  4. Yeah, sorry about that bros...But still Dinafem in my opinion is great.....DNA would be a tad better BUT....i can definatley deal with Dinafems freebies, ANYDAY...still very cool...either way the strains are awesome. I wouldnt mind having the L.A Con BUT..I like the Blue Hash and the California Hash is nice too....I have been eyeing both of those strains for a while....Im happy its Dinafem....either way GREAT FREEBIES!

  5. No worries man. I'm sure a lot of folks were happy to see anything different being given away. But you're right, DNA freebies would be flippin' sweet!

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