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Discussion in 'General' started by clintonwelding1, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. i just tried dxm and really liked it. I was wondering if its bad to take it once or twice a week. Also are there any long term effects such as brain damage or other damages?
  2. i tend to stick to once a week, there are a few members here that do if OFTEN(or atleast used to)

    dxm too often will cause some brain damage, and if i do it often i feel slower in the head and more sluggish
    just remember, everything is okay when kept in moderation

  3. haha yea, i used to eat em daily for like close to 2 years strait with a few breaks here n there n i'd eat like 40-60gel caps for my average n quite a few 80's a couple 100's and one 192, and as far as brain damage not to much noticable except that like i run out of breathe real easy n my heart pumps real hard sometimes randomly when i twist the wrong way, also takes a couple seconds for me to piss cuz dxm does that to you.... other than that i'm still me
  4. I don't think it's all that bad to do twice a week, but I find that I have to give it some time between trips in order to really feel it again, and that's generally a week or more.
  5. Ha i just popped 35 gelcaps, last time i did it was this weekend. Id say stick to once or twice a week at most, but do what you want man. I always just do it the nights i dont have any weed. generally its fun but id much rather have many other drugs, its sort of a last resort.
  6. lol this coming from a person who asked if his blood was turning into sizzurp :laughing:
  7. i was kinda heavy into to for a while.. almost daily for a few months. Ide usually eat 40ish gelcaps and did 50 and 60 a few times, and im pretty light.. 130lbs.

    I had what a dont wanna call flashbacks but everything felt kind of hazy for a few weeks after i stopped in january, now i almost never touch the stuff.. do it maybe once a month if im dry n desperate to trip and i cant score any acid
  8. Shit son..I thought DMX was comin out with a new cd when i read the title..nice.
  9. Stay away from that shit dude, lookit how fucked up this guy got:

  10. i dunno my effects after listening to a dmx song are that i usually feel like i just wasted about 4 minutes of my life....:) but yea, dxm is cool and as long as you dont do it too frequently its all good.


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