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  1. i was just wondering what are some approx. prices when it comes to DMT?
  2. Dont know the price. But heres some stoner advice..dont do dmt if your not an experienced tripper.
  3. What he said... haha.
    Depends where you get it, it's like a couple bucks for a nice hit (trip) at festivals.
  4. i mean... i wouldnt say that im a veteran of hallucinogens... but ive tried some stuff.
    ive done shrooms like 10 times.... robo like 20 times..... and delsym like twice.

    im not ignorant though, ive done my research
  5. you can make a batch for about 200 bucks..breaks down to like 5-10 a dose depending on yield.
  6. Yeah, to buy from what I understand its anwhere from 300-400 a gram. But it in turn only take about 60 miligrams to break through.

    correct me if wrong not 100 percent sure
  7. you can make it for basically no cost here's instructions:D
  8. Dimetyltryptamie can be quite easily extracted with a basic chemistry set (costing no more than 100 bucks) . That's all im saying on that subject.

    Your best bet would be to drin Ayahuasca. It's easier, cheaper and lasts longer.. It was fucking intense though.
  9. i tripped on dmt one time in my life. i smoked 30 bucks worth of dank lookin yellow crystals, and yeah. i no longer fear death. i know what to expect
  10. you shouldn't pay any more than $20 for a large dose.
  11. 200/g or so is common price

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