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  1. I just heard about it
    Its a drug that you prodyce when born when sleeping and before deaths

    Whos done it?
    What is it like?
  2. I've smoked DMT about 40 times. Doses from ~30 mg - ~500 mg.
    I've had very intense trips. Out of body experiences. You can see every single microfiber in everything, every little detail. Also color spots, movement, things melt, vivid colors, flashing colors are common DMT visuals for me.
  3. I've done extractions with Mimosa bark. It is so unlike any other psychedelic I've done that it's almost impossible to describe.

    What other psychedelics have you done?
  4. I think the matrix might be a description of a dmt trip lol
  5. the matrix on acid maybe, i smoked dmt once it was the most insane thing ever i thought i was contacting new alien life forms its soo crazy
  6. stop tempting me to find some
  7. It's pretty much the bombest psychedelic ou there from what I've read. Apparently the average dose of DMT sends you on a level 5 psychedelic trip. Never had the pleasure of trying some recreationally.
    And yeah, dreams are DMT trips.
  8. DMT can get to intense, I don't do it often at all anymore even though I can whenever I want. I like LSD alot more.
  9. ive smoked DMT twice....shits bomb! i wanna attempt to find some more i just dont know where to even begin....
  10. Do you find it difficult to describe your trips to others? I've heard it is very hard unless you've tripped many times. You seem rather experienced with DMT at this point, did it get easier for you to remember/describe your trips as you did it more?

    If you live anywhere near me (Southern California, even Northern, shit, I don't care) would you mind tossing me a PM?

    Would you mind explaining the extractions with Mimosa bark? Or possibly providing a link to where you read up on it? I don't mind searching, but if you can provide info I would greatly appreciate it.

    From what I've read, the "contacting new alien life forms" can be determined to be machine elves. I've heard that most people who have a DMT trip come in contact with them, but find it very difficult to fully explain their significance. Their meaning is deep, but only the tripper fully understands it. At least that's what I've read :p

    I've been trying to get a hold of some DMT for quite some time now, but every time I'm given the chance the prices are ridiculous.

    I've heard nothing but incredible reviews about DMT, and can't wait until I can finally try it.

    I haven't had the chance to pick this book up, but when I do I'll post up a thread about it, so that those interested can see if they want to purchase it.
  11. Ive been wanting to try DMT for a long while.. I can't find any in my town, so Im probably going to extract it from mimosa hostilis pretty soon.. cant wait :D
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    Would you mind providing a link to whatever site you were visiting where you read about extracting DMT from Mimosa Hostilis? If not, my search shall begin... I'm sure it's not too difficult, I'm just lazy, and at work. :p

    EDIT: I decided to just look it up for myself since I couldn't contain my curiosity. For anyone else curious, this has tons of information, and a good guide.
  13. yeah, erowid has some good info, "the spirit molecule" book is also a great read. has a few teks, they dont seem to hard at all, just gotta get some chemicals and follow the simple steps.

  14. I know this wasn't directed at me, but I can say that the three times I have done it, the experience was so intense that it was literally impossible to remember it. Maybe once you get used to the effects/nature of the trip you will be able to recall some of it, but I'd be surprised if anyone could remember the same sort of details you can on a normal mushroom dose.

    I'm pretty sure this is the one I used:

    It is fairly intensive compared to other simple teks out there, but it definitely left me with a good product. It took me a few days to complete, but then again, I went slowly. As long as you follow the directions carefully, it's really not that hard at all.
  15. Thanks, I imagined that would be the type of response I got as far as description goes.

    That guide is good as well, but I'm a very visual person so the one I linked will probably end up working best. How much about do you think you ended up spending to produce your DMT, and how many doses did you get?

    Also, what environment were you in when you took it? A nice comfy room inside of a home? I heard that's best.

  16. Not sure about how much cash it took, but I would guess around 30-40. I got 3 solid, moderate to heavy doses out of it though.

    I smoked it all three times in the comfort of my own house. I wouldn't trip anywhere else really, especially for your first time. Sounds like you've done your research :)

    Now go enjoy!
  17. DMT is actually incredibly easy to make if you have a decent background in chemistry.
  18. ahaha nice...
  19. I think you just have to experience tripping to understand it, and at high doses it's hard to recall every detail because it's so intense but many thoughts go through your time and it can take a long time to understand it. However visuals are always simular. I can see every little detail in every object, things melt, movement, colors, paterns.

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