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  1. my friend got a lot of DMT, says its $20 per 50 ml i believe

    think i should do it?
    i'm afraid to try it.
  2. hell yeah do it. you will have the most profound experence of your life. but i dont know i never done it. that shits really hard to find and i always wanted to try it
  3. id suggest doing it when your peaking on acid
  4. dont do that.
    take it by it self.

    but be prepared for your whole perception on life to be questioned.
  5. I dont think you know what you're getting into.
  6. i'd suggest it. try and have a clear experience, maybe meditate a little bit.
  7. meditation isnt shit when your on DMT. DMT is like meditationx200.
  8. You know the warnings that people give out...sitter, calm environment, clear minded...yeah be sure to take these seriously.

    And; Hold on for forty minutes of enlightenment.
  9. ml?

    ive never seen it in liquid form (not saying it doesnt exist though)
  10. Take it by itself, and take every precaution that you should take before taking things like this. DMT is definitely a VERY powerful drug.
  11. ^^ listen to this guy DMT is among the most powerful drugs. Some would say it is the most intense drug ever.
  12. Bro the first time I did it I felt like there was just impending doom coming. Like the end of the world and I had to save it, only there was too many bad guys for me to handle.
  13. Another thing, unless you do this already, research the shit out of it on It'll give you all the information you need to know. The one thing that sticks out in my mind after read about it on there is that a lot of people experience unsettling thoughts and feelings after taking it.
  14. Another thing is when you break through to the DMT world it can be VERY similar to death. This stuff aint no joke. The only people that I think should experience DMT are very experienced trippers.

  15. True. Unless you've got some tripping experience DMT might not be a good idea. It could possibly turn you off of tripping forever.
  16. just don't freak out when a huge vortex opens up in the ceiling and self transforming machine elves come and serenade you in a language you dont understand

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