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  1. I see the charts that have ppfd and other environmental factor data for canibus, but I have yet to come accross anything in regards to DLI relative to Co2 levels. I've been looking at the data from my grow set up and I think it's a possibility I have more light then the plants can photosynthesize given the ambient Co2 levels and my 24 hours of light. I've considered supplementing with more Co2 but my room isnt sealed. The AC exhausts into the attic. I do have 2 exhale bags covering a 7.5x5x8ft area. What do yall think?
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  2. What exactly is DLI?

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  3. Daily Lighting Integral. Its a measurement of the total photosynthetic active photons over the course of 24 hours.
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  4. Interesting I’ve never heard of this statistic. Time for some research.
  5. Because of DLI you are able to give it more light because photo period has dropped. You're safe giving it a 1 to 1 ratio. So if you have 1400 umol/m2/s you could give the room 1400ppm. Anything over 1500ppm is a waste and might actually suffocate plant. Also be aware of co2 and breathing it for extended periods of time. Higher levels rarely hurt it but you'll get your best bang for your buck to speak at 1:1. Actual ratios vary but on average 1 works well.
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  6. I know a DLI is used at sawmills. Able to run slimmer logs through then cut them into cans and timbers. Timbers go to the wiggle box and cans go to linial.
  7. Lol how much have you smoked today ? Wrong DLI brotatoe.

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  8. He asked what a DLI was. I didn't know either except where at work at which is a sawmill. One of the saws we have. Pretty impressive machine but high maintenance. The most we ran through it in an hour was 303 logs.
  9. That's alot of logs!

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  10. Where did that DLI chart come from please?
    I’ve never seen it and I’m surprised that the DLI on the chart drops in flower. Want to confirm that this chart depicts a “target” DLI.

    I e been running DLI of 40 in flower, no C02, and given the number of new pistils week are week, I believe they are presenting light stress.


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