Djarum Blacks

Discussion in 'General' started by Hellgateking77, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. I love em... With a burning passion.

    Your opinions on them?

  2. They were all I used to smoke four or five years ago, but I grew sick of them really quickly.

    Not to mention that they started selling 12 for the same price that they wanted for 20 in 2006.
  3. I used to smoke them, but now they make me nauseous.
  4. I smoked them for like....two weeks.

    I used to love them too
  5. Delicious. When I used to smoke cigs, I would jump at every opportunity to purchase Blacks when they were in stock. The addictively sweet taste of the filter, plus the qualities of the smoke, and the campfire-like crackle as I inhaled the cloves could not be matched by any cigarette.

    Ah yes... I can still smell them now.
  6. i thought these were banned?
  7. I hate seeing these lol, it reminds me of scene kids, I fucking hate scene kids.
  8. friend got some in spain and gave me 2 packs a week ago they are alright not my preference
  9. Smoked like 2 packs about two years ago. They weren't bad, but they weren't as phenomenal as some people make them out to be. They gave me really nasty headaches, and that clove taste lingered just a little too long to be tasty. I mean, I love cloves, I use 'em all the time in my chili, but dayyyyyum, this was just too much.

    Now that they're in cigarillo form, they are just that much more unpleasant for me.
  10. I like them but I'm not really a tobacco smoker unless I'm fucked up.

  11. As a "clove" they are. But they were relabeled as filtered cigars, and they had to change their formula a bit.
  12. I get them every once in a while
  13. They're pretty good, I buy a pack every so often. Although I prefer these kind:

  14. Wow! Never saw those before.

    I liked it better when they were actual cloves. They taste good but smoking a whole one is nasty as they last about 3x as long as a normal cig.
  15. My roomate loves these things, we used to order 2 cartons every couple months from Indonesia, the ones from Indonesia taste even better and I believe are slightly thinner. I prefer the cappacino flavor personally, but I'm kind on sick of them at the moment and only smoke them when I'm high and going on a long walk. They make some of my friends sick and give them eadaches but not me.
    If you like them I recommend ordering from indonesia, fuck this cigarillo things.

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