djarum black little cigar's

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  1. are djarum black clove cigar's realy expencive im curious cuz there my bro's and im not realy a tobacco smoker but these are realy fun to smoke and smooth as hell great tasting smoke jsut curious i like these..
  2. yea i like djarum black are the only ones i like to smoke
  3. Those are illegal where I live now Front Royal Virginia so right before they got banned me and my friend went to the tobacco outlet and grabbed a few packs there great but too bad were out now and theres no way to get them well there is a way but just a lot harder :wave:
  4. I think they're disgusting.
  5. i love them!
  6. i will never forget the day when my friend goes "It tastes like Christmas" when talking about a black clove :hello:
  7. my friend said the exact same thing. i smoke cigs, but every now and then i enjoy a djarum..but damn they are like 8$+ for a pack around here:mad:
  8. hahaha some kid i know said they smell like christmas as well.. in a local headshop a pack of 12 is only 5 bucks!
  9. I loves them there the only cigarets I like smoking.
  10. i love them! first time i smoked one was in eighth grade, and it was my first cigarette ever. my favorite by far, i think they stopped selling them at where my brother got them though :(

  11. They aren't banned...they're "little cigars" now. Not cigarettes.
  12. My friend said the exact same thing but he was talking about a Marlboro Smooth hahahahaha
  13. That I can agree with XD
  14. i get em 3.50 for a pack of 16.

    they last like a motherfucker

  15. that is awesome!

    when they were cigs and came in packs of 20 i used to have to pay 8-10 bucks a pack.

    now the new cigar packs of 12 still cost me like 5.50 lol they are expensive but they taste great!

    oh and they have always seemed to burn FOREVER! :wave:
  16. i like them, i liked them better when they were cigarettes

    however, by the time i get done with a pack im tired of them
  17. I have been smoking Djarums for along time... I was so pissed they got banned as cigarettes, but the cigars are pretty much exactly. Unfortunately, they are expensive as shit...$7 a pack or so.
  18. Their nasty. It's like smoking air.

  19. damnn thats a killer price for a pack. im glad i get em at such a right price.

    yea but im sure the cigarettes never lasted that long because these shits will burn for a good hour.
    dont get me wrong though, i like, but sometimes i would just rather a quicker burning dj's.

    by the time of my 5th puff i already want it to be like half way done, sometimes.

    and im suspecting the dj's are the cause of this phlegm

    but i do enjoy the dj's still
  20. i kinda like those djarums. at marly fest my friend bought the cherry flavored kind and it literally taste exactly like uhhh oh yeah haha cough syrup. but i only like around 1 of them then im done. but i dont really smoke tobacco anymore. how ironic i got like 3 tickets for having cigarretes as a minor and as soon as i turn 18 i pretty much just quite w/o even trying how badass is that! but yeah there alright for like 1 then there gross.

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