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  1. Anyone hip to Mark Farina?

    Probably best known for the Mushroom Jazz series, he's a House/Downtempo Dj from Chicago that is dope. I've really been into him lately.
    The Mushroom Jazz CDs I have are Mushrrom Jazz, Mushroom Jazz 3, and Mushroom Jazz 4. All very good stuff. Very smooth, laid back records. Perfect if you are into Downtempo/Chill/Acid Jazz/Lounge/Trip Hop/Hip Hop/WHATEVER!!

    Live In Tokyo is also a dope record. A little different than the Mushroom Jazz series, it's a house set. Still very dope. Good blending and mixing on it for sure. there are still jazzy licks and riffs in the music though no doubt. One of my favorites at the moment though actually. Good songs to check from that record...

    NY Minute - Troydon And Decosta
    Sticky Sheeit! - DJ Sneak
    Timala - Soydon

    Connect is nice too. it's anoth house joint. I recomend...

    Right On (Can 7" Remix) - Silicone Soul
    A Brighter Day - Kaskade
    With You - Sirus

    Check him out...
  2. going to check him out. sounds good
  3. mark farina is a super talented boyfriend introduced me to his music and i fell in love. he left mushroom jazz I in his mom's truck one day and she apparently dug it too. =) it's cool how people with totally different musical tastes can appreciate his tunes. :)
  4. I love everything he does with Om Records.
  5. i love his music!!! i checked him out but am having trouble finding anything but the mushroom jazz seris to listen to. he has just made it to top 5 artisrt in my mind now though. beautiful. thanks for the reccomendation
  6. This guy is damn brilliant. Every Mushroom Jazz is chill as hell and his more housey releases are awesome as well.

    everybody here should check him out.
  7. I own all 6 mushrooms jazz records. dope shit for real.
  8. very dope. i have all the collections. great music for the car it flows real well. great to sleep to as well. i always throw it on after blazing
  9. I have every single Mushroom Jazz set and listen to him at least weekly. Very smooth beats to smoke and chill to
  10. I have a couple Farina sets from the new england rave scene in the mid 90's that are phat!!! I'll see if I can upload them for you guys and post a link. I always thought he was a San Fran DJ though. The rave music California was spitting out from the early to mid 90s was incredible.DJ Dan(he used to kill it at parties with dope breaks),Doc Martin,Jeno,Farina, J. Howard,Dante, many great DJs throwing down classic sets in the golden age of the rave culture out west.

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