(DIY) vs hydroponic setup

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  1. Whats up fellow tokers... This will be my second Thread so farrr

    Im trying to weigh my prospect for my grow set up

    DO I go the DIY route or get a hydroponic set up.. Im a beginner and it will be my first grow im going to use clones..

    I am trying to spend aroud $500 in total can anyone help me out...??
    Im going to get a 32x32x76 grow tent all the other supplies im open to for suggestions..
    I NEEEDDDD some HELPPPPPP .... help me ppl and THANKSSSSSS for all suggestions..!!
  2. Personally, I would DIY. I guess it also depends on what you want to build or what type of hydro setup you want to buy.. But DIY is usually cheaper, plus you will be able to customize it more to your liking and space.. Not to mention that the money you save in the end can then go towards your lighting setup and/or nutes. Plus I actually enjoy the construction process and doing everything myself - I find it more rewarding.

    I personally prefer to go the bubble bucket route or DWC.. Both are cheap to make and very effective in growing. I'm actually currently working on getting a DWC setup going at my new place (just moved) and I'm pretty sure it cost me less than $50 so far. Granted I already had lights and grow medium left over from previous grows.

    Sorry for the long-winded answer.. I'm no professional, but all things considered I'd go DIY..
  3. Bubble buckets are cool man, within your budget.
  4. DIY.

    I built my whole grow (Located in signature) for probably just under $400.
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    I've been researching N found I'd cost me around 600.. I learned about the dwc bucket system.. It's pretty sweet how many buckets can I start with and with 3 to 4 large plants do I need a carbon filter and fan because that's whats costing the most to me put of my setup

    Inline fan carbon filter combo approx 169.99 on eBay
    400 watt digital ballast mh/ hps only 159.99 - 200.00
    Grow tent(32x32x79) 100.00 eBay
    3 dwc buckets systems $120

    Can anyone help make this any cheaper or have I gone as low as possible...?
  6. are the dwc bucket systems prebuilt? I'd just build em yourself...bucket, netpotlid, airstones, air pump..maybe some hydroton. To start off go with a bubbleponic system...airpumps can run 24/7 and not heat up the water...but any kind of aero or w/e is going to need a waterpump...waterpumps heat up the water..making it more difficult to balance rez temps...meaning you'll be more likely to get some kinda funk growing in there from the heat the waterpump produces. I've always run my systems with waterpumps on a 1minute on/ 4 minutes off cycle..this prevents the pump from heating up. Even if you have a real small pump (on24hrs)and it's not producing enough heat to warm the entire rez...the pump itself will still get warm, causing nasty shit to start growing on it, and spreading form there.

    I'm high...hope that made sense.

    *edit , you can get ballast kits for cheaper if you feel comfortable wiring them..around 60-70$ I think.
  7. A budget of $500 will only get you a light, a ballist, and a refeltor. I sank 3,000 into my set up.
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    So u sank 3,000 into ur setup and came out with what.. With all that money u should have some 1/2 pound plants lol.. What all do u have.. I ant see how I'd spend that much.. Do u hav alot of patients..?

  9. Uh... I got a hood reflector, 400Watt MH Bulb, 400Watt HPS Bulb, Timer and 400Watt Ballast for $170.

    Craigslist and online shopping go a long way.
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    Lmao ikr I swear he must grow jesus buds

    Hey bro by Tha way how many plants do u grow with that 400watt light setup I seen that and thought I should get it... Should I..?

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