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DIY Vape

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PurpleKrush, May 6, 2011.

  1. So i was in chemistry class the other day and there happened to be a weird looking chemistry beaker sitting on the window sill. It was a beaker with a rubber cork in the top with a hole in the middle of the cork. I thought why not use this handy little piece as a mini vape? Cover the hole and light the bottom of the beaker. Only thing is im not sure wtf has been in tht beaker and im not tryna die. What do you think is the best way to get all the chemicals out of these beaker that might have been left on the glass. I was going to put it in the dish washer but im assuming tht wont be enough so how should i go about doin this.
  2. Sounds dumb just get a test tube and a straw it's the same thing

    Or get some money together an. Buy a proper cape but til then I would avoid object that could have had questionable substances in it
  3. Dont use things to smoke with that werent made to smoke with. Save 180 and buy a DBV or a SSV
  4. I made a homemade vape a while ago out of a high temp hot glue gun and a metal rod. its pretty easy and actually works really well. just stop the end of the metal rod with something( i usually just used a roach), drop the weed in the top of the rod and insert into pre-heated glue gun. and dont be a dumb ass and use a glue gun that has had glue in it. buy a new one and plug it in for at least an hour before use to make sure its clean.
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    If someone is trying to make a homemade vape then they don't have 180
    And some people can't spend that much money on something, so take your fan boy advice somewhere else :)

    Hahha true shit
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    Yeah I hate the people that always are like "dude just get a MFLB"
    If I wanted one I would buy it but I don't dickhead!!!!

    Idk don't listen to these people any type of glass can work (even like a pickle jar) you won't reach the heat for glass to melt or let off fumes with a lighter
    And as long as the herb is being heated (not directly by a flame) it will vaporize
    Just dont have the flame right on it ive heard a rapid temp is bad and can cause combustion of the herb which is what your trying not to do right
  7. buy a sobe or anything glass, or just hot knife.

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