DIY t5 4 Lamp 54 Watt HO 2ft or 4ft $70

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  1. Ok here we go. start by getting high. good. We all know the benefits of t5 lamps, and the nice thing about this one is you save a little money, and it's all top of the line and very heavy duty- much higher quality than an HTG setup. T5s are known for their their low heat, and high lumen-to-watt ratio. basically these CRUSH cfl and similar results to HID are definitely achievable through the ability to move this light seriously like 1/2 and inch from the canopy. In SOG, these DESTROY hps not just IMO but as a fact. the coverage is just ridiculous.....ok ready?

    now listen here: i am a journeyman electrician with years of experience and i can say that this is the safest, most idiot proof guide there is to messing with something that IS VERY dangerous. DON'T SKIP OVER THIS WARNING.

    if not done properly this can cause a fire, so I am going to show you the way to do this up to the 2011 code, and if you chose to do any other variation thereof that is your (terrible) decision.

    pretty much anyone can do this
    correctly with the following tutorial.


    1 4-lamp t5 54W HO Ballast [ame=""] Advance 04786 - ICN-4S54-90C-2LS-G-35I T5 Fluorescent Ballast: Home Improvement[/ame]

    8 t5 Lampholders [ame][/ame]

    sheet metal screws

    sheet metal

    more later, im going to go take pictures and such
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    lets see some pics and some directions....
  3. I'm stoked to see this.
  4. oh well sounded good....

    another dead thread
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    actually i promise im going to complete this journal. i really dont care for this website however so it will be on four twenty magazine dot com in their forum section which is much more user friendly and active. my user name there is KilgoreTrout, but just search for the exact criterion above ill make sure to title the posts identically.

    sorry to take forever, but i AM a stoner haha.

    also my camera doesnt run on normal batteries have to find the damn charger cradle before i can take pics- which i can embed directly at the other website much easier...i would type the text but i cant exactly go havin a buncha people doin electric work based on what they think it should look like, so expect a very well documented tutorial :hello:

    basically monday evening i will be building another one of these lights and that's when ill document it so dont bust my balls til after then....
  6. Aw common, we can't see pics on forums we're not on. Copy, paste, and post good sir.:)
  7. What?? I wanted to see this shit it looked good
  8. ill copy and paste it but it's my understanding that pics are un-embedable on these you have to open a new tab to veiw each pic as an external link?

    if i am mistaken i would love to be shown the correct way, but having to click dif links and keeping all that shit in order is gonna b a pain in the ass if that's the case....

    BTW the $70 figure assumes u can get some free sheet metal, have a few tools of the trade (nothing crazy), and does not include lamps. good lamps would be another 60 but they burn a decade forever
  9. If you attach pictures to this thread, you can then link to those pictures using the embed code. That makes them display full size in the thread and as thumbnails all at the end. If you don't want the thumbnails, you have to upload the pics to an album first.
  10. still can't find my damn camera battery cradle...
  11. im in ,,, lets see some pics,:cool:

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