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DIY Synthetic Urine?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by EarthFriend, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. To make a long story short, in 5-9 weeks I will have to take a drug test for my school. I have vaped heavily for months, as in 5-6 times/ week on average, although it was only one MFLB trench. I'm looking for an easy way to get thru this without abstaining from my favorite hobby and without spending a ton of cash.

    So, I settled on a synth urine since I really doubt that my school, or the Urgent Care place where I will get my physical, will use an intense lab-style test and then I wouldn't have to stop vaping.

    Anyone here an expert on making synthetic urine, or done it successfully? It'd be really great if it could be in powder form that could be mixed up like kool-aid with warm water ha. Also, would this be able to be stored in a closet in a ziplock bag?

    Thinklogs on cannabis.com said "Urinate in a glass container. Let it evaporate. Then scrape the inside for the concentrate. Just mix it with water before the test, and the sample will have the correct specific gravity, pH, color, etc." seems like it'd work to me, but wanted to verify it with the knowledgeable folks here at GC.

    PS. I will probs buy some synth urine or stop chiefing just to make sure, but if this works, it would be a great skill to have for future reference.
  2. heres what you do. pee in a cup, then fill your mouth up with it, and sift it through your teeth. all the thc in your piss will stick to your teeth, making you high in the process. its simply the best way to go!
  3. dude, 5-9 weeks, drink water, work out for the next 4 weeks, sweat an assload, and you'll be fine, don't excercise for a few at LEAST a few days before the test, as working out pushes the metabolites into your system, and although you were maximizing the amount of THC you got out of a given amount of marijuana, thats still only a gram or two a week(based on how small i've heard the trench is) just work out hardcore, sweat a lot and drink a lot of water, pick up a detox drink and follow directions on the bottle, pop a few asprin 2 or so hours before the test(they've been known to cause false negatives) and you should be fine, less risky than getting caught because you faked it.

    *****Stop smoking now or none of this will work, look at it this way, after the test, a 5-9 week t-break will mean you get completely blazed once you break it, save up what you would have spent on weed, and get an assload of seriously high grade stuff for the momentous occasion****
  4. if my school started testing me, i would transfer right away
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    taking drug tests for school is noob, stop being their bitch

    I was offered a job about a year ago for a marketing firm and they told me the day after i was offered the job that i would have to come in for a drug test, i told the manager that i would be failing the drug test for marijuana and was wondering if it would be a problem. He said it would be a problem if the test came up positive so he asked me if i wanted to wait a few weeks to take it. =)

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