DIY Scrog<---(Under $100) Yield>1/4lb.+

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  1. I have 2 plants in my closet. They were flipped to 12/12 just four days ago. The plants were grown from clones that are either Purple Kush or Bubblegum. Could be one of each. So heres the deal.

    The setup that I am using to grow has more than $100 invested into it. Not much more than $100, but if you added it all up I'm sure one could argue that it really cost ME more than $100 to setup my grow area. THAT BEING SAID, my point is that ANYBODY could get a setup that is quite similar to mine for under $100, that would also have similar results to mine. I'm so sick of seeing people waste there money on expensive grow equipment when they have no idea what they are getting themselves into.

    So here is what I'm currently running:
    2 50-Watt HPS security lights from Home Depot ($30 each at Home Depot)
    8 CFL's (4-Packs for $1 at Rite Aid or Big Lots)
    Homemade reflectors($1-5 material)
    Sockets for CFL's from craigslist or HomeDepot(Free/$10)
    Reflective Material (Mylar $10) ($1 @ Dollar Store for reflective wrapping paper)
    Scrog Screen ($1 of Wire)
    Amazon Bloom Soil($7.00)
    Thermometer ($3)
    2 Soil Containers ($5)
    Various other things like extension cords and my timer could also be included but you guys are resourceful and don't need prices for all that...Shop first, don't get ripped off.

    So as you will see from my pictures I have been able to fill out a screen that is roughtly 3'x1.5' with just 2 plants under a single 50-Watt HPS security light and 6-CFL's. The last grow I did in the same grow space was my first grow ever and was grown from bag seed under the same lighting i just mentions(1 50wHPS and 6 CFL's). I yielded 3 1/2 oz. Dry Weight. That was not a scrog grow. I LST'd a little bit and thats all.

    Considering that I have implemented the SCROG technique, and that I have added another 50-Watt HPS light and 2-CFL's, I expect to yield well over 1/4lb. off of these two plants. I'm honestly thinking somewhere in the 1/2lb. range would be realistic if I am entirely successful. I will answer any questions about the techniques I used to raise the plants to the point they are today, since there are no pictures from the first half of this grow. Also, I will not have a digital camera until after christmas. I will however take some pictures with my web-cam so that you guys whet your appetites for more pictures of this grow. All I can say is that I'm both surprised and entirely satisfied with the results I have seen from using the SCROG technique.
    Pics Coming ASAP (23Dec. or earlier)

    Happy Growing and subscribe!
  2. I hope this does the trick...

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. I'll be cutting clones off these plants in the next day or two. If anybody would like me to post a step-by-step or pictures of the process let me know...

    Anybody think my guess of over a 1/4lb. off two plants is too much??
  4. considering your wattage and growing style i wouldn't say its out of the question but im basing that off the numbers purely and not the pics
  5. I think you could do it for sure. Good setup also.
  6. Picture update tonight when the lights turn on at 9:15. Flowering is in full swing!
  7. Interesting.... I'm tuned in
  8. Looking forward to your updates. Getting started on a grow in a space about 1.5 x 3.5 myself, but using 12 42w 65K cfls (for veg). Building a fixture using 2 36" vanity light bars ( 6 lights each ) that I got for $12 each online. If I need more light I can add a few Y splitters. Havent decided if I'm going to go SCROG or just LST them.
  9. O yea that's possible for sure as long as it's given the veg time. you have like 240 watts or so assuming you got the 23 watt six pack. 112-224 grams is possible , 1gram per watt is a very common set goal , but not so easily obtained.

    Considering Half your wattage is floro good luck on a half pound , a bit over a QP seems like a reasonable landing zone. How is your exhaust running? how many days veg?

    224 grams over a 120 day period is the same as 112g's every 60 days. Anything is possible givin the veg time. Tell me how to pump out a couple pounds every 50-60 days for under 100 bucks and i'll follow it to the tee ;)

    I guess what i'm asking is how many days start to finish? :D

    I'll be following , everything looks badass man!
  10. I just spent about an Hour or so training the tips of my plant under the screen one last time. I was able to get most of the foliage below the screen so that all of the budsites were level with the screen and all of the fan leaves were tucked under screen. The light distribution is very even right now.

    Does anyone know anything about LST during flowering. Is there a point during the flowering cycle when it does more harm than good to prevent the budsite from growing up by continuing to train the plant under the screen? I had planned for this to be my last session of bending and I am at about 10 days flowering.

    I will have to do some calculations as far as Veg time goes on these two plants. Lets see, I received the two clones the weekend before Thanksgiving. They were about 8-10in. tall when I got them. I started flowering roughly 4 days before my first post in this thread. They have been on 12/12 for about 10 days now.

    I won't get a chance to have high quality photos uploaded until tomorrow. Here are a few screen grabs from my Flip Camera!

    Remember the plants just went over an hour of stress training... the leaves should be nice and perky in the next picture update...






  11. Nice grow brother,
    I am using a similarly sized growbox with a 250W HPS, I'm interested to see how the scrog works because I had heard it does help increase yields, Good luck with the high yields :smoke:

  12. I would say continue to scrog through the opening stretch up to about a week into flower , Once they do stretch they will shoot way past that screen , either let them run , or lst them back as you have been. You should have flowered when the screen was almost full so that you could have filled it with the stretch. It's a bit packed in now , and I don't know how much more room I see for scrogin lol.
  13. 2 50w HPS.... hahah that's awesome. nice budget setup!

    it looks like you have mylar in there... is that dollar store reflective paper any good? i need somethin cheap lol

  14. I really can't offer any insight on the actual reflectivity of the gift wrap mylar colored stuff they sell at your local Dollar Tree. The stuff I used was from two different dollar trees and they both seemed to do the job pretty well. It was pretty annoying to hang it all in the closet when I used it last grow season, at least compared to the mylar I used this time around. But all the same, it seemed to work well enough for my growing purposes. Like I said I yielded 3 1/2oz plus 2 VERY potent batches of brownies with the Dollar Tree reflective sheeting on my previous grow.
  15. What you described is just about what I have been trying to do. The screen was about 70% full when I flipped it to 12/12. The plant has about 12 days of stretch on it and I would say that about 95% of the screen is now full. I'm gonna let my girls reach up for Bud-Heaven from here on out! I've got a few feet to work with. I've also got some extra room on the left and right sides of the screen so that I can train the stretching cola's to provide maximum light penetration. Thanks for the advice, it reinforces what I had originally planned on doing.
  16. I don't know how long the clones were vegged when I picked them up. They were about 8-10 inches tall and very bushy when I got them. That was the week before thanksgiving. I started flowering about 12 days ago. I will figure out exactly what day and when they were flipped to Flowering when I get a chance.

    If I yield any less than a Quarter Pound I would be seriously disappointed in the Scrog technique(barring any unforeseen plant health issues). Considering I added an additional 50w of HPS and the scrog technique and that I am now using proven strains as opposed to bag seed, I would hope to see at least 1/2oz. more than in my previous grow. That is unless I am just the shit at growing pot and maxed out my setups potential on my first attempt at growing:devious:!

    And I can tell you how to grow a couple pounds for under $100. Get some clones and some nutrients and some open space next spring and you can get a couple pounds...Indoors though...You'd pay more than $100 in electricity costs alone IMO.
  17. hey thanks for the comment...I may have missed it but what strain are you running with, how large of a screen, and how many slots for potential but sites?
  18. New Pics

    Everything has been going great! I'm faced with the dilemma of trying to decide how much foliage to trim back and when. Other than that I'm just taking it slow and steady, watering when the plant looks like it needs it, and making sure it's staying on a 12/12 light schedule. I have finished the SCROGing and am now working on keeping the canopy horizontally even with the lights. Any thoughts, tips, suggestions are always appreciated.




  19. Two Plants. Either Purple Kush, Bubble Gum, or one of each(My buddy got his clones mixed up). The screen is about 3 1/2 feet wide by 1 1/2 feet deep. I don't know for sure because I never measured it. Each slot on the screen is roughly 2x2 inches. They vary in size because I wove the grid myself. I don't think that I would want the grid to be any smaller than it was for a grow of this size.
  20. At what point of having the screen full percentage wise did you flip to 12/12? Also when did you notice the stretching to stop?

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