DIY Odorless/Smokeless Vape?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by 808fourtwenty, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. hey forums

    I want to burn in my room (adjacent to my parent's) and need a tool that can light up without producing an odor or lots of smoke.

    a vape, of course is ideal, but a 200 dollar price tag isn't.

    I've seen many DIY Vape tutorials online and most are affordable, but I'm unsure if any are odorless.

    could someone link me to (or explain how to make) an odorless/smokeless DIY vape.

    thanks ahead of time
  2. The MFLB is around 100 dollars and is odorless, almost completely. As I am typing, I am in my bedroom. The desk I'm using is right next to the door, and the door is wide open. I'm very high and am even toking on the MFLB now. My parents bedroom is wide open, and my mom comes in and asks me a question every now and then, with my MFLB on my desk, behind my monitor, easily within reach. Sometimes there is bad timing and I exhale as she comes in. I have never been caught in the act of using marijuana, ever.
  3. Ok what he said above is partly true. The MFLB is great it's stealth and smokeless.

    Odorless is another issue completely it doesn't smell like smoke and it won't linger for a long time but your room will smell like an amplified version of the bud in the trench. So unless your parents dont know the smell of dank your safest bet would be the MFLB and Hello Neighbor air freshener. MFLB is 120 and the air freshener is 7.95 if I'm not mistaken

    Hope this helped and good luck to you
  4. Maybe you want to look at the 'smokebuddy'.. I have no idea if it works though.
  5. The Hello Neighbor is essentially the same but scented, so personal preference but you cant go wrong with either
  6. me personally I use the No2 Vaporizer ever single day and its perfect for what you speak of...if you have to buy it offline just go with your gut insinct after doing some research...that being said there was mass hate about the No2 an soooo many people use to complain some type of "plastic taste"..well I ordered one online and can only say it works like a fucking charm and doesn't dissapoint me in any way...All this just to tell you if you read reviews online before buying one don't take them all to heart after all it is the internet :rolleyes:
  7. Mflb all day.

    Only smell comes from packing and unpacking the trench. One spray of any air freshner will get rid of it.
  8. I agree with jso MFLB is the way to go

  9. yeah at first my MFLB was completely odorless, but recently i dropped it in the toilet and since then it smells up my room a bit with chronic smell, but i cant tell if thats from it gradually getting more dirty (i do clean it once a week), or maybe the water had something to do with it but Im just glad it still works

    update: i used it this morning and usually i turn my A/C unit on in the room while i use it but i forgot and it smelled so i sprayed febreeze and turned fans on and shit
  10. if you dont want to spend money on a vape, another option is to get a a filter, so for example something like the smokebuddy, has a carbon filter inside so u blow the smoke into one end, and the filter filters out the smoke so it doesn't smoke and just comes out as air. the smoke buddy ranges for around 30 bucks.
  11. ordered awesome mflb kit today! so stokked

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