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  1. Hey everyone.
    Just started growing indoor this year and began with what I had laying around which was 3 florescent T8 fixures for 6 tubes total.

    After much reading I have decided to build my own quantum board.

    I'm not entirely confident I fully understand circuit design so I'll post up my plan and hopefully someone who knows more can chime in.
    My components are as follows.
    Samsung 561c 3000k
    Meanwell lld1500h driver
    Meanwell ‎LRS-150F-48 power supply.

    Here is where I'm not so sure
    I plan to wire it in series parallel
    So the two lld1500h will be wired in parallel from the power supply.
    Then each driver will have 2 parallel strings with 10 LEDs in series. Totaling 40 lights.

    Also is this right?
    The drivers are 1500 ma so with a forward voltage of 2.75 each driver will be 27.5 volts and the current will be 75MA per light?
    Is this right wrong close?
  2. Are you using individual diodes?
    What size footprint are you shooting for and how many watts.
  3. Yes individual diodes. Not sure the amount of watts. Also not exactly sure what my grow space will look like. This light is just a start a can build more if needed later. I'm looking to flower 2-4 plants at a time and separate veg room.
  4. Have you considered these types of boards they require no heat sink you match them with a driver and that's it . 260 watts of quantum board lighting for under $200 hard to beat for easy builds and $ per watt .QB132 V2 Quantum Boards
  5. I have seen the kits that's what motivated the diy project.
    I have more time than money. So I don't mind building the Whole thing.
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  7. I must not have looked close enough.
    The qb does not look like it has a lens.
    I thought I had read a few other builds where it was recommended to not use them
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  9. Yes that makes sense and I understand the benefits of a lense.
    But I'm looking at the hlg boards and they don't seem to have a lense. Unless I missed it.
    Thanks for your help
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  11. I don't understand

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