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  1. I've read that heat mats are very useful for root propagation, especially in clones. Unfortunately I wouldn't know how to get a hold of one nearby and I don't want to be ordering things over the internet. I thought the next best thing to do is make one, and was inspired when I found a tin box, perfect size to place the clones on top of. I only have 3 and they are in fairly small plastic cups (pictures on the last page of my diary, link in my signature).

    Next I have to figure out what to place inside it to heat it up. I thought maybe some kind of charger for an electric appliance, seeing as they get quite warm when left plugged in for a while. I also found an old external hard drive that needs reformatting and is currently plugged in, waiting to see how hot it gets.

    Does anyone else know what I could put inside the tin box? I thought warm water but I'd have to keep replacing it, and I doubt the hot water bottle I have is small enough, but maybe a makeshift one...


  2. You could put a laptop in there upside down :D

    but besides actually buying might try getting one of those sticky heater things made for aquariums and such from a pet store. you know, like for lizards n fish. and if it gets too hot you might try putting something in there with it, like sand (or cheetos)

  3. Lol I would, except I want to have something I can leave there constantly, plus my macbook gets waaaaay too hot underneat, one part of it burns to the touch sometimes...

    I could get the heater things for aquariums, except I'd have to go out and buy one, I'm trying to be economical here :p I just need to find something that gives off heat and preferably can fit in the tin box, seeing as its a perfect platform for the clones. Thanks for the quick response though :D
  4. Use a refrigerator bulb or other light bulb. Staright wire with a lil solder, tape it up and you can control temp by using timer to turn on and off. I would think a 15watt fridge bulb myself.
  5. A mat designed specifically for this (waterproof!) and UL approved costs $20

    When it comes to DIY, anything electrical needs to be second guessed. Does the savings outweigh the safety aspects of it and considering the "what if's" that probably won't happen but COULD,....and the resulting consequences,............I'd spend the 20 bucks.

    Trust me,. I'm king of DIY, not knockin' saving a buck but some things are "cost justified", especially when the cost is so minimal.
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    True, I actually bought one for 100.00 a 2 foot wide x 4 foot long 100 watt garden mat. Makes all my plants grow super-fast...yes mature plants as well. It's water-proof, ecetera ecetera.... but the poor kid let you know he does not have 100.00 (with s/h). Thus the 15 watt bulb. Geez.... Oh do not put water in the box with the bulb or you could get shocked... Was that enough of a Surgeon General's warning... (Sarcasm).
  7. Lol thanks for the advice guys. Of course, I'm no fool to be fucking with electricity and water. I've left the hard drive plugged in but not connected to a computer and its heated up a little. Its not too hot but it seems to be quite warm. I've put paper tissues and the small plastic cups on top of it. Seems fine :)

    Obviously I'm probably not gonna use it shortly after watering them, but they aren't leaking or anything.

    One more thing, they are in my room which has one of those air conditioning heaters hooked on the wall. My room has a clock thermometer that reads 23 ºC (73.4 ºF) and I have a smaller thermometer next to the clones which reads 24.5 ºC (76.1 ºF) and 72% humidity. Is this not humid enough? It didn't seem like it. Would placing a small container with water help? Don't worry for me about the hard drive being near it or me knocking it over :D I will obviously move it away when near it.
  8. The whole idea of creatng heat is to induce moisture. They need to be covered. Main reasons cloning fails is because of lost moisture (hence the clone dome-moisture capture) and non sterile instruments.
  9. Of course, since I didn't use a dome last time it didn't occur to me. Problem is how am I going to go about this... I can't go out and buy one now, raining really hard with lightning falling right outside my house :eek: no car and bus stop is too far away. Thanks for the info btw :)
  10. I understand the low budget blues, my screenname stands for "Low budgetHookers", the name of our fishing team ;) I'm just saying, I can bang a nail in with a circular saw BUT I know my hydro shop has them for $22 I think and they ship. Worth saving for so NEXT TIME you'll have the right tool for the job.

    How about if you just sit it on top of like a radiator or something more controllable for now? Maybe keep it near the furnace? (might dry it though, have to keep adding water)

  11. I did think about that, but the problem would be moving the lights around. Its not a problem anymore anyway, I've added a plastic bottle over the plants to maintain humidity :) check my diary for pictures.
    Thanks anyway for all the feedback, has helped a lot :D


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