DIY co2 bag for the small grower

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    Good for up to a 4 x 4 grow tent...

    This little guide will show you how to make a natural co2 bag for your grow room and unlike others that you have to pay big buck for this will cost you only a few dollars and give you great results because it works inline with the environment of your grow room. What that means... the co2 that is released is based on your grow rooms environment which will pretty much release all the co2 that your plants can take in based on the current temperature, current RH, and current barometric pressure. During the first week this bag will release anywhere from 400ppm(s) to 600ppm(s) of co2, but once the mushrooms beginning eating away at the medium you supplied them the released ppm(s) will jump up to 840ppm(s) to 1090ppm(s). That will happen in about 4 to 5 days after the bag is made. The bags last a good 4 weeks, then the ppm(s) will drop.

    The things you will need...

    a 1 or 2 cup measuring cup
    1 small corrugated cardboard box.
    1 8oz package of the cheapest sliced mushrooms you can buy.
    2 tbsp of granulated sugar.
    old coffee grinds from the last pot of coffee you made.
    2 cups of distilled water.
    2 twist n' tie 1 gallon, 1.5 gallon freezer bags.
    1 old powerade bottle.
    1 5ft of rope, 3/32 or whatever you have on hand.


    1. cut your cardboard into medium sized pieces... you will need (2) cups per bag.

    2. place the cardboard in a bowl and pour in (2) cups of distilled water. Let it soak for 10 minutes, pour 3/4 cup of water out of the bowl.


    3. add 2 tbsp(s) of sugar to the bowl.


    4. add your old coffee grands to the bowl without the filter.


    5. the mushrooms we are adding to the bowl.


    6. when adding the mushrooms break them up in pieces and mix everything up good.


    7. take your powerade bottle and cut the very top off of it.


    8. place the mix in a DOUBLED UP bag, use (2) bags, then on top place the clear powerade top on top. Then tie the bag closed.


    9. drill about 10 -15 little holes into the black powerade cap.


    10. Twist black cap on to the clear bottle top, and then use a punch in each hole to penetrate the plastic bags.


    11. the completed co2 bag


    12. Place bag into a dark cool area for 48hrs before hanging it into your grow tent.

    Here is a picture of one of these bags hanging in a 3 x 3 tent.


    Here is another picture. The tent is a 3 x 3, it has just (1) 39 day old from seed Auto Bubble Gum, that has pretty much filled up the whole 3 x 3 tent.


    Have fun...
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  2. Does this work in real life? Any supporting research? What makes the devil magic work? For real though, how'd you come into this info and how'd you come up with your ppm info. Very interesting and possibly effective if it's legit. Thanks in advance for any response...
  3. Bump for curiousity, this thing looks legit.
  4. Saying anything releases a certain PPM doesn't really work because that applies how much is in a certain sample size. Now if this bag is providing said amount inside your 4x4 tent that might actually be applicable. I'm not bagging ahha on your method just saying a different way to measure output is needed.

    Also, the tried and true 2 liter, yeast, sugar and water method is pretty easy. Is this more effective?
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  5. Yeah I mean regardless of the actual ppm's I'd just want get a few opinions before making a giant bag of trash and chopped up old mushrooms and putting it above a bunch of plants
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    Getting your hands on a co2 meter is necessary to see if it's worth it. Probably not but who knows. Most of these diy co2 things are gimmicks. I messed around with diy crap until my buddy with a real co2 grow brought his meter. 1200-1500ppms for plants to benifit. That's not an easy task without real co2 equipment, monitors and sealed grows. Lights also have to be large enough for plants to be able to utilize the extra ppms. Learning to grow and dialing in your environment will do much more.

    For the slightest chance of it working there can't be an extraction fan and temps still must be controlled. Even with actual co2 generators or tanks it needs sealed or all the additional co2 goes right out the exhaust
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  7. Yeah i have exhaust so I guess co2 out of the picture :L
  8. What kind of operation was your buddy dealing with? Just to put it in perspective..
  9. Most of the basement of a good size house house minus the utility room his furnace and water heater is in and a small room he does breeding projects in. Roughly 1/3 veg area and work bench, 2/3 flower room. I don't know the exact measurements. It's where I get clones from sometimes. Works great for a small time grower like me. I don't have to keep strains I like growing so I don't loose them. Grow a few strains for awhile, switch out and can go back whenever I like. Wish I lived closer so I could be over their bothering him all the time. Im not much for big city life though
  10. Point being out of reach of the majority of people here.. Just like C02.

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