DIY CFL Light Fixture *Sexxxy*

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    By Designerz

    Hey guys this is just one of my many DIY marajuana projects...bZZAM! If anyone wants detailed tutorial lemme know....This light fixture is hung up by a latching rail bought from home depot (its really easy rail is only like 10$ for 4 ft") and you can just attatch it to anything with some nuts and bolts(2). If anyone is interested in a tutorial and i could add one.

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  2. nice fixture what is that like 276w? i dont know if id have a good place to hang one up in my grow room but i do have a lot of those sized cfls lying around so id read a tutorial if you happened to make one
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    Sorry, their are 12bulbs, each 40watts... 10 6500k and 2 2700k

    so 480 watts of cfl's in that little 20" long fixture...a lot more wattage then some of those aquarium lights go off from.. and its a lot cheaper then going on internet and buying a 200w self ballasted cfl from chinavision *scam*

    Ill see if i get a couple more hits and ill make one for ya bro... and what is nice is these things hang SO EASY, just from this metal rail you buy at home depot or totem or any hardware place, all you need is a drill, and the metal rail on the fixture (which is glued) just attatches back to the other metal rail
  4. what is the latching rail called, i tried googling it but couldn't come up with anything similar.
  5. would be interested in how you made it
  6. That's awesome man. Ya a tutorial on how you made it would be great although, its not that hard to tell from the pics lol
  7. Looks Good!!:hello:
  8. I like it, I'm looking for something like that as right now I'm just using the clamp lights with a Y splitter hanging those over the plants. Something like you built would be a big help, then I would just need to figure out a good way to increase the side lighting. I believe, I'm a noob but I've been studying this site and others for months, that with cfl's its important to add some side lighting to shine on the bud sites. Please no hating for flowering with cfl's....this is my first grow and until I get my heat issues under control there is no way i can get an hps for flowering.
  9. Hey guys ok so that metal rail is called "slotted rail".


    Power Bars (in my case 4) 6 recepticle = fits 3 lights
    Mogul Socket adapters (outlet to lightbulb)
    Piece of Plexiglass (home depot) 15$
    Polymetalic tape 5$
    Scrap wood *i used MDF board*
    Glue *i like Elmers Ultimate glue* the one with the bull on the label

    1. Ok so basically you can design your own, with your own parameters, but the gist is you need a garage or a workshop to do your cutting etc..

    2. Cut a peice of board 2.5" wide (your mdf board), this board is going to have your power bars glued onto it. Make sure the board is wider then the power bars and a bit more *2.5"*, b/c once the lightbulbs are plugged into the power bars they account for a bit wider space then the power bar's thickness.

    3. Once you have your piece cut out you need a base...something to attatch this board you had cut too. It is suggested your base be wood, now depending on the bulb this board should be about 20" long *that length supports two, 6recepticle power bars on it. And it should be 15" wide. Glue the first piece to the middle of your base. (20"x15") You can glue or use screws...NOW only make your base 20x15 if you are not going to use plexi glass. (i say this b/c i don't like all the weight)

    4. Now if you ARE using plexi glass make your base a fraction of the WIDTH, keeping the 20" in length. I made my base 5"x20" and then cut a piece of plexiglass 15x20" and spray painted the back black, and taped the open side with reflective tape..yyayy!

    5. The one thing that you want to make sure is the width and length of your board on the first step, the board that has the power bars glued too...b/c you have to account for the thickness of the light bulb going into the power bar, wich is about 3" if you want to have a COVER for this, make sure its about 5" wide so the glass *your imaginary cover *not the plexiglass* dosn't touch the lightbulbs.
  10. thats pretty cool, i just made something similar by rigging two wall fixtures one 5 outlet and one 4 outlet and they just hppen to intertwine just right, i hope to have pics soon, i made a white reflector and am runnin it at 298 w for veg, i like your setup tbh, i think imma reconfigure mine now.
  11. I've been pricing building something similar here in Ireland and prices just arent as nice here.
    26w cfls = €6 - €10
    45w cfl = €15
    95w cfl = 30€
    6500k cfls = €17 - €26
    battens (bulb sockets) €3 each

    Actually works out cheaper to go to a grow shop and get a 250w HID than to build something with lots of small cfls. That said, I'm probably buying 2- 4 of the 95w CFL's instead.
  12. Use zip ties instead of glue... Wood not really necessary.... Can zip tie power strips back to back as well..... I have been using this sort of set up for over a year and can get a 1/4 pound from 3 plants every time..... And thats in a wardrobe box grow!!! Good quality dense nugs:smoke:
  13. Awesome. I am using regular tubes right now but I am planning to build something a little better. That's cool.
  14. The reason i built this is b/c it is more compact, and i can keep lights a lot closer to plants...its good for someone with not a lot of vertical space, or trying to conceal your grow.

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