DIY carbon Filter - Under $20 - **Step By Step**

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  1. I built a carbon filter today and figured I would make it a DIY thread. It cost me under $20 and everything is available at your local walmart.

    Pictures go left to right in order of the steps.

    Step 1:

    Shopping List:

    Lays Stax potato chips (your favorite flavor) - $1.00
    Sink Drain Guard x2 - $0.97 each - Found in the plumbing section
    Duct Tape - $2.97
    Carbon 900ml Aqua-Tech - $6.47 - Found in aquarium aisle
    Length of Sewer Hose - $6.44 - Found in the auto section with the RV stuff
    Grand Total: $18.82

    Step 2:

    Eat your stax, or put them into a different container. Cut the bottom off so it looks like picture 2.

    Step 3:

    Use one of your drain guard and attach it with duct tape to one side of the stax container.

    Step 4:

    Fill with Activated Carbon. If you get the same brand I purchased it should perfectly fill it to the top with just a bit left over.

    Step 5:

    Put the other drain cover onto the remaining open end. Duct tape it just like you did on the other side.

    Step 6:

    Attach the RV sewer hose with duct tape. Again, if you purchase the same brand I did, the ends will match up almost perfectly!

    And thats it! You're done. Pretty easy huh?
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    good use of household materials, a couple quick Questions : Are you pushing exhaust through the filter, or are you pulling air through it inside your grow room? Also, how does it compare to a "Regular" DIY carbon scrubber ( one that uses activated carbon, not the ones that use an AC prefilter) in terms of the smell that goes through?
    Also, how strong of a fan are you using? If my closet is 4 X 8 by 9 ft tall, Will this suffice or would i need multiple for the size of my room, Im not into flowering yet and it is only bagseed, so i don't anticipate the smell being that strong, but i am trying to plan ahead.
    Thanks for the help
  3. This is on my fan coming out of my grow box, so its filtering the exhaust. I am running a stealth grow, so its fairly small. One plant but its filling a rubbermaid container because I'm using LST method.

    This is an activated carbon filter too, and my room used to stink liek crazy, but this has cut down on it to almost nothing.

    I am using one computer fan blowing in, and one computer fan blowing out and this is hooked up to my out fan.

    Bagseed will still smell. Genetics does play a big role in what kind of buds you get, but a huge part of it is also how you grow. My seeds are from some gross bricked reggie, but are producing nice big smelly buds. So dont under estimate bagseeds.

    Any other questions feel free to ask. This is my first grow too, so I am learning still but will answer to the best of my knowledge.
  4. thats actually pretty tight. and for that cheap its atleast worth a try

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