DIY basement grow box w/fire supression.easy,cheap

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    hello,here is what ive come up with.minus all the equiptment such as,lights,fans,filter 4x4 by7ft grow box cost 30 bucks worth of plywood.4 sheets of 1/2 in particle board is what was bought for the set up.the rest I had laying around.2x4"s and screws.all electrical is wired on its own 30 amp breaker.
    what I did was just attach the plywood right inside up against the floor joists.very simple and the layout falls right on 4ft so there is not a lot of cutting.or wasted material.ok it may not be as pretty as those tents but being its made of wood and 2x4 attaching and hanging anything is a breeze and very strong.and a fraction of the is solid as a rock.
     the main reason for my post was I am super paranoid of fire or having one start while im away or asleep.its always bugged me.even though I have taken the best precautions I believe I can....surge protectors,wired on its own circuit.what if something goes wrong and a fire starts?ok first thing is burning the house down...then getting busted because the fire department showed up...and now maybe your homeless.idk if insurance covers (illegal)marijuana growing fires..long story short.i WORRY ABOUT A FIRE!
    ok sorry for the long intro now... to the cheap solution....yes those pre charged fire cans are awesome but cost like 130& plus hazmat shipping another 45$
    my cheap solution is this.and its what ill be running in my box.
    1/2 fire sprinkler head 155 degree...6bucks online
    1/2 threaded ball valve 6-7$ home improvement store
    hose bib I/2 in by garden hose adaptor 3$
    wye hose fitting 4$ ..attach to cold side of washing machine with 25ft garden hose 8 bucks.
    I was in the fire protection construction trade.10 years(fittings and sprinkler head laying in a junk draw).for a cheap,easily put together and taken apart
    home made fire suppression set up,i will not worry one bit while im out of the house or to be woken up by the smoke detectors to a raging fire! (and probably wouldn't be able to put it out by myself anyway)..
    just run the hose from the washing machine,drilled a hole in the top of box and assemble fittings.turn hose on and your now protected against fire.(down side,you flood the basement if it goes off while your away)....up side id rather flood my basement than burn my house down.
    until I save up for a self contained sun system flame defender...over 100 plus shipping(ive spent enough already including seeds.
    ok,i know this is not the correct way to pipe a sprinkler head....but cheap and quick(15 min)install and effective?hell yes.anywhere you can attach a hose you can do this.from kitchen sink,bathroom ect.
    when you come home...take it apart...simple,quick,cheap
    I left a lot out in my post.didnt wanna be too long winded.hope I wasn't.
    I am happy to answer all questions.ask away.
    take care friends
    idk why some of the pics uploaded sideways?sorry bout that ill try to straighten them out


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  2. I think if your box catches on fire - and you hit that hose valve, you're going to have a bigger fire...
  3. Agreed the Hose is over kill. And not practical because most growers never have a fire issue. If your planning for a fire issue... you should either prepare in a more practical way, or just use a different mindset as to what you expect from this grow. 
    Safety is good, but you don't need a hose or sprayers in your grow room. maybe on the ceiling above your grow area, above your grow box. that would be practical. I don't expect there will be any fires in the grow area. and water is very dangerous in a grow area. it should only be in the soil, flood tables, or runoff on the floor down a given pathway.
  4. Well water + outlets = bigger fire..
  5. Bump for further discussion. People didn't like OP idea but I do! Has anyone had experience with self-contained, automatic fire extinguishers?

    OP, did you ever test it?
  6. This is utterly stupid.. I'm sorry, but when your house burns down, give Darwin a pat on the back for me.
  7. Okay sooo say u work in electronics store that has caught fire, it's huge an you we're in the back on break now your trapped in a fire would u still say nooo don't turn on the sprinkler systems for fear that more outlets will pop? That why man invented such things as breaker boxes when an outlet gets wet it trips the breaker shutting off power. An if u haven't ever read any stories or heard of people burning their houses down because of grow rooms you must live under a rock...
  8. Invest in zip ties clean all your wiring up make sure wherever or however you feed them you r not risking accidentally wetting a bulb or outlet make sure you have proper air flow an you should be fine. And most importantly don't overload your breaker. Some outlets in a room run off of multiple breakers. That is good because you can distribute your amps better
  9. I'm posting to a dead man? ..the golden rule of growing weed,

    rule 1: always have power above your waist and water below

    you pic indicates a power connection and lead. flex on the floor

    should you have survived and can read this do this:

    "Forget DIY until you are either older, or have studied some".

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