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  1. My first ever diy acrylic with a wood bowl and wood downstem. Had to disassemble it though.. The wood was pine and I read up that it has toxic sap. My next piece will be diy acrylic with glass so I won't have to worry about health issues besides the obvious :smoke:

    Here are the pics:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    For anyone wondering, it reads "Modus Omnibus in Rebus" which is latin for "everything in moderation".
  2. dude that is an awesome DIY bong!
  3. Very well made bong dude, looks BA

    I own a tree company, and I have heard that pine does have petroleum in the sap, so that may not be the best wood to go with. Here are some great choices you could go with.


    I've made a pipe out of cedar before and it was awesome, I don't believe it has harmful sap in it but maybe research it.

    Using all hardwood would be best for strength and longevity.
    Good luck :smoke:
  4. maybe use cedar to make a circ perc since its resistant to water damage.

    its actually a pretty cool looking diy.
  5. Yeah Taylor I'm definitely going to try to find some cherry wood since it has absolutely awesome carving capabilities and cherry pipes just taste awesome. I wanted to use briar in the first place (the original tobacco pipe wood), but that stuff is expensive and the point of this project was to have costs cut down to the minimum. Oh well, I'm going to need a working unit soon so I'll have to postpone the finding of the wood for later. Btw even though the pine wood was probably toxic, it tasted amazing :smoke:. I guess all the things in life that are nice are bad for you.


    I actually started on a new one (like I mentioned before with a glass stem). And here is the result of what I managed to do with an acrylic tube after a couple of hours of using a candle on it

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    All that's left to do is drill a hole and get a stem. I'll still be working on making a BA wooden/acrylic piece, but more on that later. I'll post the pics of the finished piece later.

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