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  1. im setting up a 19' X 17' X 8' space. thinking of doing 20 plants all together, 4-6 flowering plants every month...

    3 dimmable 1000 and 1 400w mh/hps available for lights.
    1 4x4x6 tent
    lots of dwc buckets
    plenty of ventilation
    ro water
    possibly co2 system? still in the works.
    currently have a cool tube just for the 400 but getting cool tubes for the 1ks as well soon.
    thinking of flowering 4-6 every harvest

    need ideas on how to divide the space up .. doing a scrog screen too for the flower area. any ideas/drawings/pics would help. [​IMG]:hello:
  2. I'd go with 12x10 flower with 3k all lined up air cooled right out, seal it up, add your co2. put up your grow tent for veg, throw the 400w in there. and your all set.
  3. i went with ur advice and tarped out a 12x10 area.. going to finish that area off tomorrow and get a zipper on the white poly...dont know if ill do all 3000k in the flower but definitely will do at least 2k. going to order my seeds soon and get the rest of the garage set up. anything in perticular that would be important to note in a grow this big? , any recommended fans for ventilation?
  4. haha nice dude looks like a spitting image of mine. 12x10 is a lot of space man, it can EASILY handle 3k, my room is 12x10 split, and in the flower 10x5 I have 2k. If I did the whole 12x10 I would definitely do 4k.

    Could you take some pics of the inside? Would be curious to see how ya sealed it. I used the great stuff insulation spray from home depot along all the seams, then just went buck wild with duct tape lol.

    As for fans and ventilation, your going to need a carbon filter with a fan constantly scrubbing the air in the air, and I also put a muffler on mine. And I have air cooled hoods, I take air from outside, pull it through the outside room, then through my grow/lights, and then into my bathroom, I had to cut a couple holes. And then again just went buck wild with duct tape making sure everything was sealed.

    I have a dual hose portable AC in my grow as well, but don't even need it with co2. I have an 8'' 750 CFM fan pulling through the hoods and into the bathroom, and with it on full power my room stays at 79-81. I actually have to turn it down to get to the optimal 83 with co2.

    You can run higher temps with co2, some people even do up to 95, but then you get airy buds. Best to stay around 81-85. But good luck man looks like your doin good.

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