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  1. We all are in different moods, we all have different ideas, questions, and hopes. We are all searching for something. What is this diversity? People would like to say we are all the same, but experiences tell us otherwise. We are all different whether it be biologically, or spiritually. We are all individuals. And we are always seemingly never satisfied.

    I see this as music, each person makes their own sound and song, just by their essence of being. The way they act, how they are. And the music could be beautiful if you could just accept it, but it could be the worst thing you ever heard if you denied it.

    I also see how life unfolds as poetry, sometimes indescribable, and as I stated before accepting or denying it is how it would be to you.

    What's your view on diversity?
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    I think it's gourgeous, ultimately (assuming the word even scratches the surface of what it is) and surely diversity in all its ways is a reflection of infanatum, which would be logical (surely within possibility) to suggest its immediate connection to things many people who have tried the lovely lady would relate/consider/suggest as the "universe", "other dimensions/realms/planes", "foundational or non-foundational existance, nonexistance, or perhaps inconceivable apparatus' " (however one would define that) so on and so forth.
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    my views, everything is happening for a reason, you decide the reason

    good music doest lose novelty
  4. world is run by corrupt elected officials
    they sit at the roundabout and debate
    we have power only when the people join and agree together
  5. "I believe the Diversity was a large wooden ship from the Civil War era" - Anchorman :p

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