Diverse looks.

Discussion in 'General' started by DreamCalledLife, May 11, 2010.

  1. Do you look one way on one day, and then completely different another? How many different looks do you have? I go from the dirty hippy you see as my avatar to Business man.

    Okay here goes....


    Wait for it...

  2. Every year when summer roles around I shave my head then let it grow out until the next cut.

    I love having long hair in the winter. :]
  3. I think I'm gonna stick it out this summer and keep my hair long, Working on dreadlocks.
  4. Your hair looks pretty straight.

    You'll have to palm role a lot but they'll probably turn out real swell.

    EDIT: Thousandth post! Yay! :yay:
  5. It just takes a good hair stylest. It most definitely can be done! I've had them before but I wasn't happy with them. Ex-girlfriend did it, as her first try. It wasn't too bad but it took about a week.
  6. Just go to your local pet store and pick up a good metal toothed flea comb. I've found they work the best for back-combing.

    I had some myself but obviously I was not satisfied. A lot of upkeep until you get them locked in. At least mine were.

    Good luck to you, Sir!
  7. Anyone else?

    It's the vaporgenie....:smoking::smoking:
  8. Sometimes I wake up and look like a guy, and sometimes I wake up and look like a girl...

    It's like... I have no gender or something. >.< WTF?
  9. Either tee shirts and jeans with a backwords hat and tats and piercings showing all over or nice fitted button up shirts, slacks, spiked hair and sport coats.
  10. I look different from one day to the next all the time. It's just because I don't have one 'style' I stick to. I dress how I feel like dressing. Somedays I rock out sweats and a cute tee, some days I dress all vintage 50's, somedays I dress like a professional lady.

    everyone tells me I change my hair all the time, and I always keep it in some kind of cut where I can do a bunch of different things with it, so it doesn't have to look the same all the time.

    So yeah, I feel you. I make a weird transformation every day or two or three.
  11. i change up my look all the time, i see clothes and looks as nothing more than my daily costume, thats pretty much all it is to me

  12. ^this

    i have one daily costume and thats my work uniform. the rest is what role im going out to play, athletic, social, social athletic.

    i guess it comes from free running, being useful just stays with you. i prefer to wear baggy sweat pants and a t shirt because i can just move however i want.

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