Distilled water use?

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  1. Is it better to use distilled water for germination?

    and also is it better to just use distilled water to water my plants during and after the vegetative state to avoid PH problems.

    Let me know :wave:
  2. Are you measuring your waters ppm values and pH? Before and after nutrients?

    Is there an outside water source?

    It definately helps to use distilled if you have to because you know exactly what your ppm is comprised of.

    If your not measuring ppm or pH:

    Use Distilled water over tap water.


    Personally I think the best water is running water from a creek or spring.

    Good luck.
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    just wet some paper towels in tap water. they will germ.
  4. i soak mine in room temp arrowhead spring water over night and pop it in soil the next morning.

    but for watering, what i do is i jsut use tap water, but i let it sit in an open container for at least 24 hours to let the clorine evaporate.

    but i go for basic growing currently.

    good luck whatever you do.
  5. it's not good to use distilled water, you can use rain water or clorine-free water and the best option is creek water - i'm glad that i can "feed" my babies with natural and pure water :D
  6. I do have a creek in my backyard you think i should use that water? IF so why?
  7. Why not???
  8. No way.

    I only ever use tap water - that has been allowed to sit for 24 to let the Cl evaporate.

  9. same here dude.

    its the way to go.
  10. im curious to hear any opinions on well water??
  11. i collect rain water off my roof when it rain's and adjust the ph...
    you can get a bottle of fish tank water conditioner. like 5$ will nuterlize like 500 gallons of tap water.

  12. currently i'm using well water collected throughout the year from rain and at first i used it for tomatoes ,marrows & pumpkins and were growing healthy so i figured out that its good for mj

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