Distilled water for watering???

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  1. Hi, I have read that when hydrating the coco coir, distilled water is recommended. But after that process, does the plant need distilled water each time I water them?
  2. I use tap water. If you can't use your tap water you would be better off with r/o water rather than distilled.
    Have you grown in coco before?
    The reason I ask is because you said - "each time I water them", and you never give coco plain water.
    Good luck.
  3. yea its my first time growing in this medium.. What i meant is the first time when im mixing the coco with perlite. Should I use distilled/ro/ tap water? Im also wondering how do i water coco .. do i have to water them with the nutrients each time? The pH for normal water should be around 5.5-6.5? If not i should use the pH equaliser kit?
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    Use tap if you can - it's cheaper and a lot of times it contains enough calcium and magnesium so a calmag supplement is not required. What is the ppm of your tap water? If it's too high, then use r/o.

    Coco is a soilless hydroponic medium - you never give plain water to coco because it messes up the cation exchange capacity. The pH of the water is unimportant - you pH the solution to around 6.0 after all your nutrients have been added to the water.

    I suggest a 70/30 coco/perlite mix.
    Make sure you pre charge your coco if it's not already buffered.
    Start with 1/4 strength nutes and work up from there.
    I feed daily to run off from sprout and twice a day in flower. Some coco growers feed multiple times a day.
    May I suggest you go to this site to learn how to grow in coco before you plant your first seed. www.cocoforcannabis.com
    Good luck.
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  5. okay! will take a look at the link. Btw, which germination method is better? Putting the seeds in a cup of water or in a rockwool?
  6. The answer to that question will SOLELY depend on who you ask....I've always had success with the paper towel method...
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  7. you mean just like how u germinate bean sprouts? :O
  8. I don't pre germinate seeds - I either plant direct in the coco or I place into rapid rooters.
    I never liked the soaking and paper towel method because of the extra handling.

    10 for 10 within 3-4 days my last grow. They are foolproof.
    4 days from planting.JPG
  9. i cannot get rapid rooters in my country. Ive saw a post about germination but the method is putting it in water lol!
  10. People use different methods for germination - use what works for you.
    Personally I would just plant them 1/2" into the coco.
  11. Cotton, little bit of clean water, couple of drops of hydroperoxide and a ziplock bag. Place it in a dark cool place (22°c) and check them every 12 hours.

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