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  1. I have 1000 watt air cooled light. How many lumens for veg and bloom and how far should the bulb be at the start of fresh transplant? Thanks in advanced.
  2. Im not sure what youre getting at with your lumens comment... The plants want as much light as they can get, all of the time.

    How big are the transplanted plants? If they are small (under 6"s) I would leave the light no closer than 36". If they are a little bit older (strong) then as close as 24". But watch out for burn and be ready to lift the light with the plant growth every few days.

    Just stick your hand under the light, if it feels to hot to you, its too hot for the plants.
  3. Hydro said that well. I just want to add a reminder. Move the lights as close as possible with the temperature not exceeding 79 degrees at the top buds.
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    Not true. There is most certainly a limit after which photosynthesis shuts down and damage occurs. This can easily be observed with light bleaching from LEDs.

    If growers check out the light absorption curve (do not have the graph handy), it becomes obvious that to go past 70-80 percent of the plant's maximum capacity is counter-productive in that each additional lumen has less and less effect. Essentially you are paying more and more for very little return.
  5. I have a light chart from caligrower hanging in my room.

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