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  1. I would like to know the best distance for a purple full spectrum LED light that is 600 watts but uses 276 actual watts

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  2. 24 inches and slowly move it down to 18 inches? I think that's what I've seen most often for leds.

    New and open to any suggestions from the masters.

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  4. First off, you don't plant more than one plant per container. You just end up with a mess trying to put more than one in a pot. LEDs burn hotter to young plants than HPS or HID or any other form of light. You always want to hang your LED too high, give the young plants a couple of days to get used to it, then start lowering the light down closer to the plant. Light too close....burns your plants. Light too far away, your plants don't get the full benefit of what you're working with. Be able to move the light up and down to make the plant do what you need it to do. If you need some height on the plant, raise the light and the plant will stretch to it. If you have too much stretch in your plant, bring the lights lower and that will stop it. It's easy to tell when plants have been too hot by the way they will look after. But be careful until your plants have rooted in, become established in their own container, and begin to put on new growth at a good clip. While they're rooting in, they grow little to none and use no water to speak of.

    You need to separate those plants into individual Solo cups. Start with cups and leave them in those until the plant gets larger (taller and wider than the cup) than the container they're in. When they get big enough to transplant, let the container/soil dry completely out, tap around the sides and bottom of the container and the root ball usually will slide right out. When you repot, don't go from a Solo cup to a 5 gallon pot unless you want to sit and wait for weeks for the plant to re-root. Always keep your container size close to your plant size for fastest foliage growth. TWW
  5. Thanks for the info but I literally had a bag of like 50 seeds so I didn't really care if I had to eventually do something with them but thanks also I'm just going to flower them at more or less a foot and a half when the time comes

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  6. in the early stages it doesn't matter much, high enough that it is not too low to water (spray) conveniently. After that 8 inches plus what you need for coverage 18 inches max. It's all about footprint. Has nothing to do with led being powerful. Once you get over 18 inches you are in veg lighting. Won't do you much good in flower. 24 inches only comes into play if you are trying to veg many seedlings which eventually will go under some other light.

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