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Dissolving hash oil into glycerin for a non-alcoholic tincture?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by sobroy, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Hi all,
    Does anyone have any experience with this? What I'm trying to do is make a non-alcoholic tincture for people that can't tolerate alcohol (ethanol/green gragon recipe). My theory is that hopefully using heat, or time , you can dissolve a glob of oil into the glycerin, but from a cursory experiment the two aren't mixing into a homogenous state. Maybe if I took the hash oil and thinned it out with a little bit of ethanol and then took that and mixed with glycerin and then evaporated out the alcohol? The hash oil is from the QWISO process.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Ive never dont it but you can use mineral oil to extract the THC for tincture if you are using buds or trimmings. Just emerse whatever you want to exctract the THC from and let it sit in the mineral oils for abour 2-3 weeks and then strain the plant material out. Whats left is some tasty alcohol free tincture

  3. I have experience. I always make my glycerin tincture from a Dragon solution. I first reduce the Dragon by half to double to potency, then I use equal amounts of Dragon and glycerin and some flavoring and reduce off the ethanol. If you want to make an even more concentrated tincture, use less glycerin to Dragon. If you used 4 fl. oz of the concentrated Dragon to 2 fl. oz of glycerin, you would then get a tincture that you would have to titrate by the drop for dosage. My tincture is half a dropper for dynamite effect and that is a minimum of 80 great dosages per ounce. If you only needed drops, you could get a hundred or more dosages.

    Sorry I didn't see the date of this thread before I started. I'll leave it in just in case someone runs across it. :wave:
  4. I believe what you are describing is a hash extraction, not a tincture, but then again idk wtf mineral oil is, could be some tincture tek I've never heard of.

    OP, I have the same problems working with oils and glycerin. I believe it is the plant waxes present in the oils (stripped by the solvent during extraction) that make it so hard for the hash oil to form a homogeneous mixture with the glycerin, which is a pretty weak solvent compared to everything else we use.

    I would suggest:

    dissolving the hash oil into a tiny bit of alcohol first (not an option if you want to be alcohol free), and then adding it to the glycerin.

    or, switch to dry sift or bubblehash for your tincture, whose intact trichomes make for a less sticky product that is easier to break apart in the glycerin. I predict that these types of hash will have less plant waxes to cause you problems too, because a solvent is not used.

    fuuuuck, made same mistake as psychadelicsam, old thread. whatever its a great question
  5. This is a good thread and deserves to be bumped. I have become quite proficient with this type of process and would like to see others institute it. In my previous post here I outlined what I do but didn't really answer the original question about dissolving hash oil into glycerin.

    I have had good success doing this even when I had the hash oil down to a near solid. I was able to reconstitute it in Everclear with a little heat from a double boiler or even a cup warmer. Once it's all dissolved just add the amount of glycerin for the needed potency and evaporate off the ethanol. This makes a wicked non-alcoholic, tasty tincture with sublingual potency measured in drops.

  6. I'm afraid I can't give you answer to your question about the e-cig, but BadKittySmiles has a tutorial in her thread somewhere I think about making a glycerin tincture usable in a cartridge. I was trying to find it and link it here but I got lost in all her stuff. You shouldn't have any trouble finding it though.

  7. It is post #350 of this thread she made (NOTE - she mentions several times that you should NOT include lecithin if the tincture is meant to be smoked - just to make sure you notice).


    BKS is the bomb-diggity!
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    I have it if anyone wants it
    I vape tinctures in my e-cig all the time with wax
  9. what about coconut oil? Coconut oil can be mixed in whatever strengths you want and doesnt taste gross like an ethanol tincture.
  10. Can coconut oil be used/vaporized in an e-cig?  I have no e-cig, but have wondered about the efficiency and fast delivery of it as a dosing method.
  11. I dont think its okay to vape coconut oil
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    My bad.  I now notice that you said "tincture."  (I was pretty stoned when I typed that, too messed up to post on Facebook but I still do it here) :smoke:

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