Dissapointed with ip man

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by asian smokeez, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. So I was chillin in my room smoked around a bowl was pretty baked and decided to watch ip man I was pretty hyped about it and was just chilling on my bed so the movie comes on and what the fuck its in some asian language and english subtitles turns out its not in english and was like fuck it im too baked to read subtitles and considering I hate them when im not I chose something else but was wondering have any of u watched a movie with subtitles baked?
  2. I watched both of IP man movies. Solid movie. I personally enjoyed it.
  3. forgot to mention I only watched the first minute of it
  4. In most asian movies, subs are usually a lot better than dubs imo. They usually do terrible job dubbing..

    I enjoyed both of them.

    Guess you have to actually watch the movie and not think poorly of it because it has subs. When they're fighting, you don't gotta read anything
  5. Way to judge a book on its cover...

    Ip Man is a fucking great movie. Same with Ip Man too.

    You dont even need to know whats going on, hes just kicking ass and taking names.
  6. op is lazy
  7. Subtitles are hard, lets go shopping
  8. I watch Kung fu movies and Japanese language anime blazed. When you get used to it you start to read the subs faster than they talk
  9. The movies were pretty good. Watch them sober if you don't want to read while high.
  10. I hate people who hate subtitles.. you're already being spoon-fed entertainment, you someone to wipe your ass too while you're at it?? lazy fuck
  11. Pretty sure OP was explaining how he didn't like reading while high... It's a pretty common complaint.

    Although I wouldn't mind someone wiping my ass for me every now and then. I like to feel pampered every now and again.:eek:
  12. lol adi calm the fuck down I dont mind subs at all when im sober when im high I just like to chill and relax and wanted to get other peoples opinions so take the dick out ur ass and fuck off by the way im new to this forum so it would be nice to show somefucking respect
  13. and to everyone else I didnt say the movie was bad and am not judging just was disapointed it had subtitles but thanks for the responses and im not lazy "dont judge a book by its cover".
  14. Man ip man 1 and 2 are fucking amazing.
  15. yea they look good im just gonna watch them sober one dayy
  16. Your names asian smokes you dont speak asian?
  17. I must have read the title wrong.. since
    Ip man is a kick ass movie!
  18. fuck subtitles in movies. pointless go read a book. and ip man sucked so hard.. the acting and cameeras and string lololol
  19. I watched Ip man baked, and honestly I was so baked I kinda forgot there were subtitles and was just reading them subconsciously but felt like I was hearing them.

    But man, watch it again sober maybe, cause that movie is AMAZING. Seriously, it's my favorite martial art movie ever, it's just awesome.
  20. Subtitles might be a pain in the ass to read, but the dubs are usually so shitty it's better to read them.

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