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  1. Fucking people i work with dont respect me. this is the first job ive had in years where i havnt got at least some respect, if not TONS. I work my fucking ass off everyday, and im actually GREAT at my job and an expert in my field.

    i really like some parts of my job, in the past disrespect has lead to me leaving companies, as i value my life experience more then my money...

    so what do i do, to cope with the disrespect i get from my managers? they act like i am dicking around at work or trying to get by easy, but i bust my ass as hard as anyone in the company and bring them a skillset they will NOT easyily replace (i work in a very niche retail market in a small town, that requires expert knowledge).

    they also dont pay me shit, but thats ok.

    any tips for keeping my cool (i never go to work stoned its not an option for me)

  2. How do they disrespect you?
  3. Personally, I would talk to them directly and address it.
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    Rodney Dangerfield over here
  5. an expert in your field that dont get paid shit?

    really brah. really?
  6. If they need you as bad as you say, quit and then market yourself to them as an independent contractor. You'll then be your own boss, can demand their respect as your client, and will be able to set your own prices. :smoke:
  7. Or they're just say they're not interested and hire some foreigners who will work for half price 10x faster.
  8. If you feel disrespected by your coworkers, confront them [in a professional manner, of course].

    Make sure they know that you're not the kind of person who'll just sit there and take it, that you can bite back and be just as nasty to them.

    That's really the only way to resolve it.

  9. If that was really a viable option, the company would've done it by now. Unless this isn't America we're talking about.

  10. You'll never get respect, get used to it. Work sucks. :rolleyes:
  11. Throw that mop down and hit that mother fucker with the register! I hate mcdonalds too!!!!

  12. If he didn't say retail marketing and that he multiple managers... lol :laughing::smoke:
  13. Also, I too don't understand what you could really be an "expert" in that would lead you to have multiple managers working in a "retail market," unless your expertise is in operating a cash register and stocking shelves at a Gap.
  14. Maybe they can sense that you are in need of respect, so they don't respect that...
  15. Be your own boss.
  16. Just explain to them how you feel about their disrespect next time the situation arises. If they fail to see your point(if your right, that is) take it to their manager and explain the situation to them and if they agree all will be fixed. Chances are they are just typical asshole humans abusing the little power they are given.

  17. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLZzWJxt-LE]Michael Jordan's Response To Lebron James What Should I Do Commercial - YouTube[/ame]

    Just needed to post that :D

    You're never going to get respect from everyone at the workplace. Some managers just don't like their jobs or might not like you for whatever reason. No matter how hard I've worked in some jobs a couple people just thought I was shit. I've busted my ass to the point where I got two raises within eight months at one place. One from the owner and one from the manager. The assistant manager still hated me. Why? Because one night I forgot to clean and he got yelled at. Oh boo hoo.... lmao. If he had forgoten to check someone elses work that night the store could have been unlocked. That was why he got yelled at and I got talked to in passing. He still held a grudge though.

    Then sometimes you get the manager who sees you work hard as hell but instead of seeing that as really good work from a superb employee, they set the bar there as normal work. So this effects other employees or forces you to meet that expectation at all times which usually leads to a person getting burnt out.
  18. Some of you may have seen this comic before, but I couldnt help thinking of it here. Hah :D
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  19. That was a M Night twist right there. :laughing:

  20. i work in a proshop that caters to specialty markets. it is part of a large store, which has store managers who have no expertise in my field. I deal with high end hiking gear, outdoor gear like kayaks, canoes, fishing, and things that go along like tents, high end techincal clothing, boots, etc.

    my managers are simply there to manage the store.

    so fuck u

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