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Dispensary shorted me

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by allaboutdagreen, May 13, 2010.

  1. Got shorted half a gram of MMJ from a dispensary :confused::eek::(:devious:. Has this happened to anyone else? Any advice on what I should do.

    Also, do the dispensaries you guys go to weigh the bag in front of you or behind the counter where you can't see it?

  2. Some weigh it in front of you, some dont. Nobody knows if they keep their scales calibrated.

    Give them a call and let them know. If you dont get much out of that then check weedtracker. Most dispensaries are listed there and they post their menus. If you post a comment in their section you have a good chance of getting a response from them.
  3. Hate to say it dude, but you're not going to get much sympathy from the 98% of us here that do not and cannot legally buy weed.

    Especially over half a gram. Shit, I'm paying $100 a quarter. Still feel like you got shorted?
  4. #4 thekeeftheif, May 13, 2010
    Last edited: May 13, 2010
    oh hush up. he went to an MJ BUISNESS and got SHORTED. He payed money for a certain amount of product and didn't get it. i get your POV though, I'm not in an MMJ state and I pay 100-110 for my quarters mayne, but still. getting shorted is what happens when you buy from a sketchball riding a mountain bike in the back of a mcdonalds... not when you buy MEDICATION from a dispensary.

    give em a call, i'd drive down there myself in all honesty and see whats up. you have every right to get the rest of your weed.
  5. LOL I get pissed when my dudes short me, if I was getting bud for my medicinal use and got jipped I'd be fucking enraged. Sue those bastards, malpractice or some shit, thats like the pharmacist keeping a couple oxycontins, not gonna fly in my book. Rob the place if all else fails

    edit: riots in the streets!
  6. In Cali competition for MMJ is pretty high so if you dont take care of your customers they'll go elsewhere. We have dispensaries that have top shelf dank for $40 an eighth. Dispensaries trying to sell the same stuff for $50+ around here dont get as much business.

  7. so true, ive seen 70 dollars eights in frisco.

    the club i go to has the same shit or better for 50 dollar top shelf

    and the most expensive strain the clubs will have is probably grandaddy purp. almost always.
  8. Interesting.. GDP is usually in the mid price range down here. $70 is totally ridiculous, I would never pay that much for an eighth of weed unless it fell from the heavens. I usually pay 40 to 45 max.

    I dont buy much anymore since I grow my own but sometimes I like trying different strains.
  9. Did you weigh your Snickers bar too?
  10. That's happened to me at a dispensary here, was shorted .2 each on two different gram bags ($15/gram)

    The guy weighed it in front of me, on a triple beam scale. Since I was across the table from him I couldn't really see the numbers on the scale.

    I would think digi's would work better for 'em, I dunno.
  11. Call them and tell them the shorted you. Most likely they will give you a half gram, if not dont go back.
    Some places i go to weigh it in front of me and other places dont. But, I have never been shorted from any of my places.
  12. scale calibration gets out of whack being tossed, thrown, moved, setting things on it all day long. Call them and ask about it, half a gram is a nice packed chillum for me.
  13. Unfortunately there's also the fact that just because it's a dispensary doesn't mean they are honest. Some are, some aren't. I'd call them on it.
  14. if you tell them they might give u some free weed with your next purchase, maybe even more than .5 if they feel bad
  15. A half gram!? Omg, you gotta fucking blow up that shitty ass dispensary! Stop them from shorting by ending their business, fool-proof plan imo.
  16. This is in the Medical Marijuana section...:rolleyes:
    And I say it's worse to get shorted from an actual business that is trying to provide you with something medical, over some guy on the street selling you something illegal.
    He should feel like he got shorted, because fact of the matter is he did get shorted... So why wouldn't he feel that way.
    What does you paying $100 a quarter half to do with him being shorted half a gram anyways??
  17. I got shorted an eigth at gardens ablaze in clovis. No biggie, they just wont get my business anymore.
  18. Maybe you should grow then, for $100 I can build a cab that will give me 2-3 oz's every 100 days.

  19. I've heard of places that keep there scales a .3 or .4 off to skimp their customers. Personally, best advice is to confront them and tell them you will no longer be purchasing MMJ from them. And then tell every MMJ user you know about this club, you can even drop them some negative feedback on so when people look @ this club on their PC's or iPhone's they'll see that they short people.
  20. I've been shorted before at only one club. I brought the product back and brought it to their attention. They gave me half an eighth on the spot for free and let me keep the original sack, too. Ever since all the sacks have been over, never short.

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