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Discussion in 'Marijuana Business and Industry' started by GrowinGovernment, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Does anyone have any experience in writing a dispensary business plan? I imagine it's something like a normal business plan, but if anyone is willing to pass along any tips from personal experience I'd greatly appreciate the time.

    Find myself in a position where if I have one at the right time.....i don't wanna jinx it lol.
  2. The hardest part about getting a business plan together in his field is the research. I'm in the process of writing one and getting numbers together is no easy task. There's also a book out there from marijuana business daily called the marijuana business fact book. That has numbers in it but costs almost 300 bucks. Best of luck

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  3. are you talking about this one for $52?
    Marijuana Business Factbook 2016 - Traders Offer - Free Forex Trading Courses For Download

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