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Dispensaries Should Let People Front Herb

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by solid_snake, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. The dispensary gets to hold on to your med card until you pay your debt, but they should allow patients to be able to front up to $40 worth :). Like right now Im out of bud and fuck i dont get paid till friday

  2. No they shoukfnt
  3. or you can use your credit card? lol
    although i heard last year they banned dispensaries from using credit cards.  is that still in place in the legal states?
  4. youll live.
  5. 3 days without weed? Wont kill you. Why should a dispensary front weed? Not many businesses in the world that would do that. No money, no bud, come back when you have money. If i ran a dispensary, I wouldn't wan't to have to keep track of all my costumers who cant afford their pot. Unless you have a very serious disease, or illness, it wouldn't happen. 
  6. Lol you need to chill or workout on your break till you get paid. If you can't make your eighth last for a week then you need to buy half-ounce or ounce to make it last for 2-4 weeks or more. I smoke on the weekend so I'm good and have a lot of different strains in a jar that I've been saving for rainy day lol.
  7. Nah man they don't have to do shit. Capitalism, brah.
  8. Sell your body on Craigslist

    Awesome Opossum

  9. Sure lets just front everyone so they can burn the collective and then we will never see them again...
    There may be some people they can be responsible with fronting but IMO it usually ends bad! 
  10. This usually works for me lol 
    Yeah and then you'd be taken to court for discrimination because addiction is a "disease" -_-
    A business has the right to refuse service to anyone they choose. Its not like I would put a sign that said, your disease isnt serious enough, you cant get fronted weed. It would be more like, someone who is terminally ill came to me on the side and talked to me about their financial situation.
    Thats what i was meaning. But I think the bigger point is that I don't own a dispensary and probably never will. So i guess we shouldn't argue about pointless things. 
  13. They should operate like any other business, would mcds front you money? Absolutely not, same concept

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  14. No they shouldn't. It works while its illegal cause if you don't pay then you're probably in danger. Businesses don't have that power
  15. lol its not the dispensaries fault you're poor and don't know how to conserve when you can't afford it :p weed is a luxurie, if you can't afford it you don't deserve it ;)

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