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dispensaries in fresno,ca

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by JoeZombie, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. ok first thread here...I currently live in fresno,ca and think this is some bs :mad:......not sure if this is how to post the link...Fresno Seeks to Shut Down Pot Dispensaries - 9/17/09 - Fresno News - thats the vid and site its from.. ...just thought gc would like to hear whats going on in fresno, cali....please let me know if ive posted this in the wrong spot or posted something wrong as this is my first thread..
  2. damn that sucks come down to tulare we got 3 here
  3. Yeah im right here in Clovis and i heard about that, fuckin bullshit.
  4. Yeah. I guess the county outlawed it as well. I'm sure there are ways for the dispensaries to make it past the ruling though. From what I have read the judge has already said he plans to rule against the dispensaries and at the court date last week he postponed his ruling but had a 21 (I think??) page ruling already typed up. Does not look to be in our favor.

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