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dispensaries getting shut down in cali?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by skiandblaze, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. You "kind of hope so?"

    Get out of here.
  2. [quote name='"BA142"']You "kind of hope so?"

    Get out of here.[/quote]

  3. Indeed, it is kind of weird.
  4. okay. so you would rather have medical marijuana instead of potentional legalization? can't have both buddy.

  5. Yes, they are taking away our MMJ so they can legalize it. You sure are optimistic, or just delusional. Yes, you can have both like we would if Prop 19 passed, buddy.
  6. you dont even know. they ban dispensaries then they are closer to never legalizing. your logic is flawed.
  7. it should be completely legalized anyway. i think closing down of dispensaries could be the first step in legalization.

  8. That's ass backwards thinking.
  9. Why not?:confused:
  10. I think what he means is that if dispensaries are shut down, so much would change(more illegal trafficking, riots, just uproar in general) that it would happen to appease the people.

    Don't get it twisted, he's wrong. I was just trying to clarify
  11. So much for the capping of 10 collectives per city.

    The San Jose City Council passed a defacto ban to shut down all collectives by Oct 29.

    Plenty of petitions are being signed, but it doesn't look good.
  12. Obama..... The only change I got was pennies covered in shit, thanks asshole.
  13. By hoping so, I think he meant that if California shows some backbone and tells the Feds to fuck themselves, the legalization efforts will be increased. The Feds are showing that they have a lot of power, and people are not gonna take this lying down.

  14. I agree, (sort of) - I mean open your mind man, legalization ain't coming ANY time soon, and to take away safe access from those who truly need it isn't going to help.
  15. In the battle for Maryland mmj, a district representive said "Get the sick and the dying off the battlefield" Del. Dan K. Morhaim.

    So to me, they're putting the truly ill, and life threatened on the chopping block. Which is just sad. Although I support legalization, mmj has always been the scientific backing for that movement, without it, there's no medical ground to stand on, we see this commonly in several administrations where everything is constantly denied. Shame Cali is having such issues, but hey, at not to point out the obvious, but be thankful that you have the opportunity to at least get mmj there. Even for a short time even if they're taking it away be thankful it was there at all. Just push harder as an activist.
  16. Im not even a cali patient and im pissed about this. So many strains and oil/hash I wanted to try from dispensaries out there. This one bud called Louie the 13th is like wow. Theyre taking medicine away from patients who really need it
  17. We're in fucking California, Fuck the Feds.. MARIJUANA IS EVERYWHERE, Get the fuck over it.. They try to make big deals out of a harmless medicine, but turn there heads when illegal. Pots shop close, I'm still smoking. They're butt hurt now the Citizens can make their own petitions and have it approved. Are we as Americans trying to create more jobs an a better economy or take 10yrs worth of footsteps backwards for some pea size minded officials?

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