Disneyworld for 6 months college program!

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    Anyone heard of the disney college program? Its where you go live and work in Disney World for an internship. I'm turning 21 so this should be a good way to learn independent living its gonna be my first time living away from home. I'll either be staying at the vista way or chatman apartments with about 5 other random roommates. Only downside is I'm gonna be flying there so I'm not gonna have my goodies such as my xbox, flatscreen tv, my car, and what concerns me most is a dank supply of some goodies. Im wondering has anyone heard about or participated in the program before, and whether they enjoyed it. Another q I had was at disneyworld they do deep background checks when you get there with fingerprint testing and I'm worried that my marijuana possession charge will disqualify me from participating ( btw I said I didn't have any misdeameanors or felonies when applying)
  2. I know a chick who went, she said they charged her more for a month for rent then what she got paid....
  3. Well you shouldn't have lied....but yea my friend is doing it, he's clean except he drinks now and then (not anymore though since he went to the program).
  4. Is your name kevin?

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