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  1. Anyone play this game? Man it's amazing! Favorite game in a long time. The map mechanics are similar to the Wolfenstein on PS3/XBOX in that it's sandbox, you can approach EVERY situation a ton of different ways. You can slaughter everyone you come across (My first play through style :cool: ) or you can get through the entire game without killing anybody. You get supernatural powers that can make you a time bending teleporting assassin.

    I beat it last night on High chaos mode because I just rampaged through the whole game, now to start a stealth assassin play through.
  2. I just ordered it yesterday should be here tm.
    Is there a lot of freedom in customization
  3. You can choose what skills you want to add/enhance with the Runes you pick up. There are also bone charms that do everything from make food give you slightly more healh, moving faster, to resisting the plague more.

    You get this crazy ass steampunk mechanical living heart that shows you where runes and bone charms are, just gotta hunt them down. I got just about every one.

    You can customize the powers up different ways, like next play through I'll focus more on stealthy ones.

    One power I love is when you kill someone, they vaporize so that you don't have to worry about finding the body.
  4. huge downside to vaporizing bodies is you lose the ability to use the body as a distraction... seems kinda stupid to people who never want to be seen but its a pretty effective way of confusing the shit out of guards if you arent going 100% stealth
  5. i thought dishonored fucking sucked

    such a shitty ending too
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    Yeah, agreed. I did have fun with the bodies sometimes, when I killed a major target I chucked him down into a courtyard full of dudes :cool:

    I got incredibly comfortable with the controls, and then I went back to playing borderlands 2 and was getting my ass handed to me because I was used to being so quick lol.

    Which ending did you see? High Chaos got the "darker" ending.
  7. Should i get this or skyrim?
  8. I got it release day, sold it a week later after I beat it for money for another game

    Did enjoy it, the stealth way was most fun imo

    Get Skyrim
  9. Seen a lot of hype for this. Got Arkham City and Skyrim to start first though.
  10. I do want to look into skyrim. We do have it in the house, but in debating if I have time for it haha.

    I have Arkham City too, but haven't gotten to it yet lol
  11. I personally loved Dishonored the only problem i really had was the story and it wasnt absolutely horrible.
  12. I am looking forward to trying stealth. Bro in law is borrowing it now, got too many campaigns goin haha

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  13. While I thought the gameplay was awesome, the thing I hate about games like this is the low replay value. Im just glad I got it used from gamestop because I beat it in 4 days and was able to return it for full price. After I beat the campaign all I kept thinking was "now what"?
  14. I'm so pumped for this shit. It's coming from gamefly right now, I hope it's as good as the gameplay trailers made it out to be.

  15. if you like sneaking around and being a ninja and also not sneaking around and slaughtering people

    its for you lol
  16. *spoiler* I got the ending where she falls off the edge. I shot the guy with my crossbow right away when I saw him and I didn't have enough time to get to her.....or does she just fall either way?
  17. first post on the page is a spoiler lol

    nice... you really shouldnt ask end game questions in here man, it, i dunno, spoils it? HAHAHAHAHHA
  18. that's why it says spoiler...

    you trollin'?
  19. ^ First time I've seen a mod accused of trolling haha. Trendsetter!!

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