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  1. In the article it says he promised to get people medical cards. This is wrong and abusive to the system unless they have a legitimate problem. Depending on exactly what he had advertised on the billboard I,myself, may or may not have taken it down. If he was a bit smarter with his choice of wording on the billboard I believe there wouldn't have been a problem.
  2. Its wrong that pornographers can have billboards up, even near schools, but one marijuana billboard goes up and people go crazy. If i was a parent I would rather have my kids smoking weed than getting screwed in a porno.:(
  3. Great point of views.
  4. He had a legal contract with the billboard company. They are going to either give him back a portion of his money or put up another billboard to finish out the year contract. Fuckin pricks.
  5. people need to grow up already. What would it matter if someone smoked a joint on their deck or in their house on a nice sunny day as opposed to having a beer or smoking cigarettes in front of their children/relatives/etc. Both are more harmful and addictive and usually have more negative consequences than cannabis. But for people to complain about medicinal marijuana use? its legal there for a reason. god these older generations need to DIE off as sad and mean as that is for me to say. They need to GROW UP and stop reminding me of 6 year olds at toys r us bitching about not getting exactly what they want even if its wrong.
  6. Nope, it said he promised to help people get a card. Even if someone doesn't have a legitimate health problem, that doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to get a card.
  7. Its illegal because big pharma, tobacco, and beer/liquor companys want it that way. Even when the government concluded what we have always known, policy makers still refused to do anything about it, and cut funding for further research, insisting on staying with the biased and antiquated results from the 1930's

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