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  1. Over summer this couldn't have happened since I had nothing better to do but smoke but since I've been at school I've almost constantly been high(yes to all my classes as well) and have missed some homework assignments already. Sometimes I'm disgusted with how often me and my friends smoke and how often we think of weed. I'm disgusted with myself knowing that I could be hooking up with cute chicks or getting my homework done early(and all other trade offs) instead of smoking. It's our constant agenda and it keeps me from having control over my money. I know what needs to be done but I'm looking for alternative advice.
  2. Everything in moderation. Don't let MJ control you, you are in control!
  3. just stop. put all your shit away and dont buy any for a few days. keep busy, dont let yourself get bored. go out, do shit.
  4. stop smoking so much....? there isnt an 'alternative advice' stop being weak-willed and cut the fuck back on your smoking. is it really that hard?
  5. ever since summer ended ive got back back my smoking to once a day on weekdays. i usually wait until all my readings and assignments are done before i smoke. you'll feel a lot better about yourself and you wont be struggling in school.
  6. Thanks guys. Ya, I just don't like the idea of slowing down or stopping for a bit but It has to be done. Also It isn't easy, all of my friends smoke as much as I do and they never complain or mention "slowing down". I would have to find a different group of friends that WANT to limit themselves to smoking as well or pretty much have no one to smoke with. Plus I can't exactly stop talking to my friends for a little while but I don't think I can post about why this is.

    ...again I appreciate it and just having a response to what's going on in my mind has encouraged me.
  7. Be yourself. Who cares how much your friends smoke, just say "nah man I'm passing on this session" or something. It amazes me how dependent people can be.
  8. For real?

    Your friends don't control you. They don't put the blunt/j/pipe/bong to your mouth and force you to toke. Own your life man. If you don't want to toke, and they are, just tell them you're trying to slow it down for a bit so you can get your shit together. If they aren't down for that find some better friends.
  9. my advice is if youre so digusted with yourself stop bitching about it and do something. you could easily say nah im not gonna smoke im going to do my homework THEN smoke or not smoke at all
  10. Your friends don't own you, and neither does bud. Smoke when YOU want to smoke. You can still chill with your friends while they're burning and not smoke, and if they pressure you to do it anyways then you obviously need to get new friends. Get your shit done, then have your fun. Have a little self control, if you're disgusted with yourself then fix the problem, don't make it into a bigger one. Less bud, more school. Easy.
  11. take control back. towards the end of the summer I was starting to feel like I smoke too much, so I've cut way back and now I won't allow myself to smoke unless I've accomplished something for the day, rather it's homework or running errands or working an extra-long shift. Make weed a reward to yourself for getting shit done, and stick with it. It works :)
  12. do what YOU want to do, WHEN you want to do it.
    Dont let anything/any1 control you or make life decisions
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    Maybe I didn't say this clearly enough. I'm disgusted with how much I want to smoke weed rather than do more productive things. My friends don't control me, I choose to tag along, match, smoke out EVERY chance I can get. It's me that needs to change and I acknowledged that in my first post. This isn't something internet people can solve, I just want some outside motivation.

    They are good friends don't get me wrong. My point is that it won't be easy for me to deal with not having things to do in order to get my shit together. School work doesn't take that much of my time but smoking CAN take all of it.

    anyways there are to many variables to explain to you guys in order for you guys to stop loosely using the word "easy" so I'm going to stop posting here and say that you guys helped me with what I needed.
  14. Instead of being high all day, save it for when you're finished with all your shit. Or if you have some tits coming over. Reward yourself with bud for actually doing shit.
  15. There is no magic wand that can stop you from making certain actions. Don't become the stereotypical stoner...also realize that this has NOTHING to do with weed. If you didn't smoke weed chances are you'd fill some other activity to blame your procrastination on.

    Trust me, I didn't smoke weed while I was in school but I was a horrible procrastinator. I've always been somewhat of a computer geek so I wasted a lot of time messing with computers. Weed just happens to be your scapegoat for your lack of initiative to get done what needs to get done.

    The best thing you can do is realize how short of a period you will spend in school in your life and how much time you will have to smoke weed later, after you're done with school.
  16. Good advice, in fact, I'm not in school and that's pretty much my smoking routine. I used to smoke during the day but now that is more of a rarity. Now I typically wait till the end of the day.
  17. yo i was in your situation about a year ago, and i didnt change my habbits and it lead to dropping out, so advice from somebody whos been in your shoes,

    there are times to smoke and times not to smoke, before class isnt a good time,

    go to class do your work then when your agenda is clear thats when u can smoke, gotta have priorities man, and smoking shouldnt be in the top 3, get ur shit done first smoke later, u have your whole life to smoke,

    also, find cute girls to smoke with? lol

  18. either stop smoking completely and take a break to get your shit right, stop smoking except for when you have time to just relax and smoke, or just smoke less. i know that i can smoke enough to feel good, and still be perfectly functional or i can smoke a lot and feel really good, but not be able to do anything. just take everything in moderation.
  19. yea dude, i kno tha feeling. just dont buy any green for a while and only chill with ur friends on weekends. that way if u do smoke, its free and on weekends when ur not studying anyway.
  20. It is what it is bro, if you really wanted to hit up the chicas then you'd stop smoking? I guess.... I smoke a fuck ton and chicks don't seem to give a fuck. Not in college at least. Be what you want to be man. If you like smoking a lot of weed and its not a legitimate problem... what gives. If its killing your money then you need something to fill in the time that you usually smoke lol.

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