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  1. some of the leafs of my plant are growing with a disformatiion, they got some hole in the side of the leafs. i know its not some insects cause i got a couple of plant and only one doing that and only the new leafs getting disformed. and its not the light too cause if it was a burn it will be a color around the hole but there nothing so i assume that is so disformation of the plant. my question is, does somebody ave already seen that and do it will afect my plant???
  2. Is it an actual hole in the leaf or what looks like a notch from the side of the leaf...if it's a hole then it will be a bug, but if it's a notch, i had a couple like that it it was o.k.....but check thoughrally for bugs anyway to be on the safeside....Peace out...Sid
  3. ya its a notch on the side . but its ok now only 2 set of leafs did that and now there good.it could not be insect cause only one plant get this and only the new leaf of the plant being like that and i got 6 plant. do insect prefer top leafs or what???
  4. Can't help you with the bug side of things as i've never experienced any....Peace out....Sid
  5. I have never had that exact problem but I have had deforms before. Could just be the genetic if it is only that one plant, and can come from root damage during a transplant in my experience.

    Here's a pic of my deform :).

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