Discriminatory People

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  1. There will always be people who discriminate.  My theory is that those people no longer discriminate against people because of the color of their skin...not because they don't want to...but because they can't.  And now take their "anger" out on drug users, mentally ill people, other minority groups because there's less awareness about that...more acceptance.  I met an old lady who just seemed like a discriminatory person.  She would discriminate against black people if she could...but it's so socially unacceptable that instead she took her anger out on me I felt.  There's people who were just raised to hate.  Discrimination will always be there and will evolve over time but hopefully these people die out because I do believe it gets better.  It's different where I live though, it's probably worse in other places.  But what do you think about my theory that people don't discriminate against black people anymore because they CAN'T...and instead focus their attention on other minority groups with less awareness of discrimination.  Maybe I notice it more because I'm in one of those minority groups though.  Haters gonna hate I guess.

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    Exactly, haters gonna hate. Unfortunately some people are just downright nasty, rude and ignorant. Only thing you can do is be a better person than they are and be respectful to others. :D

    Edit: About people hating on blacks, that happens all over the world every day. My daughter is half black, I get tons of uncalled for comments and looks. It's a shame.
  3. Those kind of people make me sick and want to speak up against them when they say fucked up shit.

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