Discovery Cancels 'Weed Wars'

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  1. Discovery Cancels 'Weed Wars'
    CelebStoner / 3,21,2012

    America's first reality-TV series about marijuana, Weed Wars, will not return to the Discovery Channel. The show, featuring Oakland's Harborside Health Center, debuted last December.

    "Nothing would please us more than to be able to continue with future episodes of Weed Wars," Harborside posted on their website yesterday. "Unfortunately, the Discovery Channel has made a much different decision and will no longer continue with future episodes. We do not know why, nor do we understand why, they made that decision."

    Over four one-hour episodes, Weed Wars focused on the daily operation of Harborside, the Bay Area's largest medical-marijuana dispensary. It made two of the proprietors, Steve and Andrew DeAngelo, TV stars. However, when the DeAngelos both stated they don't favor legalization of marijuana for recreational use, the show faced a backlash. Read Steve DeAngelo's explanation about wellness vs. recreational use here.

    Discovery was also hit with as suit by a producer who claimed the network stole the idea for Weed Wars.

    Since Weed Wars, National Geographic launched American Weed about dispensaries in Fort Collins, Colorado.
  2. Good. This show did a terrible job. Too much "Look! all my customers are in pain! Believe us!"

    American Weed on National Geographic is much better, much more honest.
  3. not surprised, heard the show was pretty whack
  4. How much do you think DeAngelo was paid for the show? He's done a lot of good in the past - did he sell out? The show was nothing but another frickin' bullshit "reality tv" show. The reason it isn't coming back is obvious.
  5. Weed wars got a lot of hate on GC when it came out so I'm not surprised. I mean when people who are part of a marijuana forum aren't into your show about weed that is no bueno.
  6. Of course MJ should be legal. You should be able to ingest whatever chemical/substance that you want.I don't need a government entity telling me what I can or cannot put into MY body. I can eat McDonalds all day everyday and that could easily kill me...
  7. i agree. besides being acted out quite often American Weed is sooo much more watchable. and on Weed Wars every 5 mins its either forcing the name "Harborside" down your throat or showing how huge of a line theyve got.

    i dont even know the names of the stores in American Weed.

    after the whole "no legalization" thing from Weed Wars it became very clear that he was in it for money, and i do not get that vibe from American Weed.
  8. Well, American Weed won't be back either. That initiative to ban dispensaries in Ft. Collins passed, so they all have to shut down. Not sure what possessed people to make such an ignorant and greedy fucking decision, but it's done. I hate that guy that campaigned for the initiative with a passion. Such a selfish prick. And he's a bold faced liar. No shame in the man whatsoever.
  9. Let's hope they legalize, then there's not much he can do.
  10. Well they do have dispensaries in other cities and I'm about 98% positive the Stanley bros have a disp. in Colorado Springs as they said in previous episode, just a big hit to have to close down the one in Ft Collins cause of BS propaganda. I beleive there is a suit against it as well as it allegedly violates part of CO constitution to force the disp. in Ft Collins to shut down
  11. Well, hopefully that works out for them, and hopefully they pass legalization in November anyway, so there won't be dick that guy can do about it.

    He's all about "They are entitled to their opinions just as I am entitled to mine" But in reality, his opinion is that the other side shouldn't be allowed to have their opinion. When he wins, the dispensary people are just shit out of luck. Where as when the dispensaries are around, in reality, it doesn't effect him at all. He's just an anti-drug zealot who's ideals are not based in reality.
  12. So fucking lame when older patients say they don't support the legalization for recreational use.
  13. Not at all. I find your comment lame. They are every bit as entitled to their opinion as you are - but most tend to respect their opinions more.
  14. Weed wars wasn't very good anyway. They probably cancelled it 'cause it was bad TV, not for any political reason. I was hoping for a documentary-style show, where each episode focuses on a specific part of the industry. Maybe an episode about patients, an episode about growers, an episode about dispensaries, an episode about inmates incarcerated for drug charges, an episode about raids, politics, etc. Run it as a mini-series for a season, then re-air it every couple of years. Don't attach to a single dispensary, don't include emotional drama.

    The entire season of Weed Wars could've been a single episode.
  15. [quote name='"xdog"']
    Not at all. I find your comment lame. They are every bit as entitled to their opinion as you are - but most tend to respect their opinions more.[/quote]

    If you don't think it should be legalized ur truly on one.
  16. Oh, I've been pro-legalization for 35 years, ever since I sparked one at age 15. Now, as far as your comment, if you don't think that people should be entitled to their individual opinions, your going to have a hard time in life son. Ass.
  17. last time i checked faux owns nat geo......if i remember correctly

  18. Yeah really, I stopped eating fast food and a big part of what made me turn away from it was hearing about pink slime in mcdonalds burgers. Next thing we know the government will make fruits and vegetables illegal so we can kill ourselves and have to be dependent on them and their pharmaceutical drugs.
  19. The older patients may not like younger folks to use what they use as medicine for fun but I'm sure they also don't want to ruin young peoples lives by throwing them in jail and giving them even more difficulty in finding a job for not causing harm or mischief.
  20. The brothers waited way too long to get into the fray to get their message out there. I'm sure alot was edited out as well. They should have been attacking the numbers that the former mayor of the city was just throwing out there, "provide the documentation on those numbers please". Also the kid who got busted or something didn't say where he bought his stuff, for all we know he got it at school. Why go after something not associated with the problem? If they are worried about their kids perhaps they should keep a tighter lease on them and focus on the illegal trade.
    But hey it is TV and was actually BAD TV. The brothers should have had license on what and how their business was portrayed. I'm sure they all made some good money for doing the show.


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