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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by xplicitcontent, Oct 28, 2002.

  1. Ive seen a few sites that have a disclaimer that tells federal agencies that they cannot view the sites contents, under some act that was passed by Clinton. I forgot what it was, but I think its full proof like the entrapment laws. If we can put a disclaimer on the site, we might actually be able to have a chat room.
  2. i dunno about this disclaimer thing, but I was just thinking right now in fact, ironically..a chat room would be nice. (i think this did come up before) or even maybe a messenger thingie (Ive seen them on other sites) where a lil window pops up and you can im pm whatever its called, right there from the lil window. cool idea..I thought about this cause of that guy this morning that posted so far, 3 times the same thread in 3 different forum topics...I wanted to tell him right then ok, thats good enough..we gotcha.
  3. well a messanger thing would be nice, but I doubt it'll happen at the city. Reasons for this is that most likely, these messages cannot be moderated and that obsemities may be thrown around, or even worst, illegal activity that'll shut the city down.
  4. hmmm....we are discussing an illegal topic to begin with...however...

    freedom of speech???

    freedom of assembly????

    freedom of press????

    I highly doubt anyone here would face charges for sitting in our homes on the computer talking to a bunch of other people about pot. We aren't trafficking it, we're just talking about it...last I checked that wasn't breaking any laws...

    As far as a chat room..ever look at the adult rooms on aol or yahoo????? you can't tell me 13f4oldermen isn't going to attract more attention by authorities than potheadslaughingtheirassesoff....
  5. Oh yeah, and right to privacy....

    not trying to rant...I just don't see any reason to be paranoid...but that's just me, I also live in a state that has very lax laws on mj....
  6. Isn't that why we have PM guys ?

    That's what they're there for ;)
  7. A chatroom would be perfect for this board. I am on this site alot, well this is pretty much the only site i go to on the internet. I read much much more than i post (which im sure thats how it is for most people on here) so anyway, i was wondering why there wasn't one on here before, i mean im sure it must come up alot. Well i think im forced to search for a quality chat room (took me months to find a good message board.)
  8. We should start a petition ;)

  9. What fucking obsenities??

  10. Why have a chatroom when that's pretty much what we use the boards for? And hell PM's people did you not hear me the first time? ;)
  11. Only women have PM'S lol
  12. ha ha ha. WOmen and you ;)
  13. Only on days that I don't get laid!
  14. So like perma-PMS?
  15. Almost true!
  16. No good. I haven't got laid so far this month if that's any consolation. So what if it's only the 5th ;)
  17. Hell even I've gotten laid this month. Whats the deal with you?

  18. how can you be so desperate if you have gotten laid in the last 5 days?? she must not have been very good.....

    and for the PMs....I think the point of the chat room is we could all be in the same place, same time, chatting and picking on one another incessantly....especially Norm and his ass....pms are like email....we want INSTANT gratification, not having to wait around for a reply....
  19. Well I had sex in the last 5 days,but before then...........it was a while back! I'm to young to only get sex less than 3 times a week!

  20. shit, I'm lucky if I get it 3 times a month :(

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