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  1. The triplet boys were starting to pick up some bad language and their mother had tried everything she could think of to get them to stop it. Pleading, ignoring, yelling, time out...nothing worked. She told her husband about it and he said when talking fails try good old fashioned discipline.
    The next morning the terrible threesome came downstairs for breakfast. The father asked the first one "What do you want for breakfast?" The first one thought for a few seconds and said "I'll have some Goddamned eggs!"
    WHAM! the father slapped the boy in the mouth and knocked him backwards away from the table.
    The dad now turned to number two son and repeated the question. "What do YOU want for breakfast?" The second one looked at his crying brother on the floor and said " I'll have some Fuckin' eggs."
    WHAM! The second brother was now in the same situation as the first, mouth smacked and sitting on his butt on the floor crying.
    The father now turned to face son number three. "WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR BREAKFAST!" He yelled at the kid. Number three looked at his brothers on the floor, covering their mouths and crying and he looked at his father and said "One thing's for sure, I don't want no Goddamned fuckin' eggs!"
  2. LMAO you would think the kids would know it was because they were cussing and not the goddamn fucking eggs!
  3. hehe i saw that joke on thehun.net this morning. pretty damn funny
  4. Thats funny :)
  5. LMAO guess he's having bacon an grits huh?

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