Dis colored leaf?

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  1. Is this some kind of a deficiency? [​IMG]

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  2. Probably not what you're seeing on the yellowed leaf. What I do see is serious over feeding. The overall coloring of the foliage (leaves) should be a rich blue/green....I see only GREEN!. This tells me you've given your plant too many feedings. When growing in soil, the soil has nutrients in it and until the plant uses up some or most of those, feeding more on top is just going to get you toxic nute levels. Remember this......Nutes only FEED a plant. LIGHT grows the plant. So put the emphasis and concern over lighting for your plant that you obviously have with nutes. Your plant is very small and just from this piece of a plant pic you've posted, looks tom e like it could use a repot and a ton more sun. Those aren't seed pods on the top of the bud there are they? Hope not but look like it. Your plant desperately needs some plain old water and lots and lots of sun. In the meantime, read up on the nutritional needs of a MJ plant all throughout it's life. Don't pour in chemicals just because some company who makes them insists you can't grow a nice plant without them. Their job is to sell chemicals. But definitely back away from the feeds for awhile. Repot the plant into some fresh soil. As long as problems are happening on old growth, usually not a big thing. Leaves will die throughout the life of a plant, but as long as it's on old growth it's not too concerning. If you start having something like this go on with new growth, then you have a problem. TWW
  3. You definitely shouldn't make assumptions like that because you got just about everything wrong. This plant has been fed nothing but water throughout its entire life. And the reason it's no longer being re potted and also why it is smaller is that this is an auto flower plant and I don't want to stress it out this late in its life cycle. It also stayed smaller due to being potted up slightly later than it should have. But thank you for not answering my question and giving me an idiotic uninformed answer based purely off assumptions.

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  4. And no, you can tell quite easily that it is a top cola. I have no flowering males growing.

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  5. Hey,man. Being a newbie, I honestly don't like to give advice or diagnose nutrient deficiencies or plant issues unless I'm damned sure what it is. So I wish you luck with your plant. That being said, I believe that you may get some more responses if you provided some more info for those experienced with deficiencies etc. Strain, how old, soil mix, pot size, watering schedule, ph of h2o, ph of runoff, nutes or ferts if any. I like how you handled The White Widdow too. She does spew the same story over and over again. I'll post a couple deficiency charts. Good luck. tapatalk_1492533770156.jpeg 1487179858343.jpg
  6. I don't know why you jump to conclusions and then lecture people about things that are often not at all related to their issue...

    It's a ca/mg deficiency. Since you said that you've been feeding them just water, it makes sense. Lets back up a step and ask a couple of questions so we know better how to help - instead of making assumptions and lecturing...

    What we need to determine is how much ca/mg you'll need:
    1 - what kind of water do you use - RO or tap. If it's tap, is it well water or city water - and do you know it's hardness?
    2 - Soil medium? If so, does it contain any sort of nutes in it - like premixed?
    3 - Are you testing/adjusting the water's pH before feeding?

    Most tap water will have some level of ca/mg in it. Sometime's it's enough as is, sometimes it needs a boost. RO water has none in it, so it will need more than tap water. However... If you ARE growing in soil - there will also be some present in that too. MY assumption - more like prediction - is that you'll either only need to bump it up a little, or possibly pH issue causing ca/mg to be locked out. But we'll narrow it down...
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  7. I know where you're sorta going with this - but - no...

    Some deficiencies are mobile and might show first on lower, bigger leaves - it's a waning sign. Don't assume it's no big deal. When a sign shows - diagnose and correct course before the issue becomes more systemic. By the time ca/mg deficiency hits new growth the plant may well be beyond repair.
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  8. Then this too... sorry. I know people read these threads for years to come and misinformation spreads like herpes - I have to correct this too.

    There's nothing about this plant that indicates lack of light - at all. Definitely a deficiency, but the other leaves look in decent shape, nice and green, no other damage, nice healthy leaf turgidity, no curling or brown tips - but most importantly here... The inter nodal spacing is nice and tight - indicating lots and lots of sun...

    And nothing on this plant indicates over watering, over feeding or nute burn
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  9. Thank you, it was extremely irritating, thought I may have been over reacting. But I've been giving them tap water and i believe it's city water since it's somewhat in the middle of town but I'm not sure how to go about finding that out. I'm using Kellogg's raised bed and potting organic plus mix, it has poultry manure, worm castings, kelp meal and bat guano pre mixed in. And I don't own a ph tester currently, I've been going with a very simply approach, when i started growing last year I was broke so I had the basic necessities and everything went better than expected so I've just stuck with that in hopes of the same results.

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  10. Then I'd lean towards thinking that the pH is locking out ca/mg that should be available through the soil and tap water. If that was the root of it, adding ca/mg wouldn't work.

    I'd suggest a blue labs pH meter - I think they are like $60 - also get the 4 and 7 calibration solution as well as the KCL storage solution. These will keep your meter perfectly accurate and functioning well for years.
  11. TWW is a stupid chick that consistently gives out terrible information. She gets called.out on here daily and is DANGEROUS for new growers. 99% of the Bible run on paragraphs is opinions of her own .She's an old lady with outdated techniques and should be banned from giving any information on any forum.. classic bull $hitter.


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  13. Yeah - I've been seeing the same tone and length posts by her all over the place - and usually WAY off target based on huge assumptions. And the same lecture about light... I think she knows 3 things and spouts them everywhere. To each their own - but I have to call out her bullshit so it doesn't propagate
  14. i got my other account banned on 420magazine today for calling her out for the 20th time....oh well...


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  15. could ya'll help me out please
    is my baby doing ok? I have a slight yellowish tip on one of the cotyledons

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