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  1. What the hell happened? Where did the anti-war, anti-establishment, anti-authority movement go?

    I believe it was aaronman but i don't remember, well anyways someone posted that history is cyclical and there is always, in the cycle, a movement away from the establishment. but other than the theory that it simply isn't that time in the cycle, where did the free-lovin peace mongers go?

    I really want them back.

    When did "hippy" become an insult or a joking thing?

    I don't know the history of this so basically Im asking where did the anti-war movement for peace go, why did it fade away, and is it possible for it to happen again?

    what developments in society and what were the ingredients that led to the hippies?

    any info would be appreciated :)

    gracias :smoke:
  2. NDAA.

    At one point they were the occupy movement I think, but now they're all waiting for court dates to send them away, or else they've already been sent away.

    Any that still remain and want to try again, won't even have to worry about court though, they'll just get sent up indefinitely...:(
  3. Probably dead or too old. I just think that time where the hippy generation was coming out was special. I'm too young to actually make an educated guess but.... ya
  4. I'm still here my brother. ;)
  5. the anti war people will be anti war again when a republican is in office.
  6. I'm a late born hippy...but still a hippy at heart.

    I wish there was a commune in Oregon that was ommp friendly, could use some IT help...I know a certain hippy that could use a home to retire in....:D

    drives my dad nuts...being a brainwashed retired navy petty officer and all, he thinks : 'DC has good reason to do what it does and is only looking out for our best interest' : to paraphrase what he says often...(ya, I laugh when he says it too...:eek:)

    Hippy and proud!
  7. It was probably the draft that did it. And the media didnt know how to contain dissent yet, they still thought they had to cover everything honestly.

    The establishment just got better at what they do...
  8. I might be a business man when it comes to my presentation and ethics, but i'm a true hippie deep down in my heart.
  9. The CIA/FBI have gotten pretty good at infiltrating movements and shutting them down. I can almost guarantee that they were involved in OWS and that's probably why it died out. Anyone that goes against the status quo gets slandered and discredited.

    Not only that but after 9/11 the government and its mouthpiece (ie the media) have been instilling fear into the public and using that fear to do whatever it wants. For example, that threat level chart. It was really stupid but you have to admit, it's a brilliant move on the government's part. Show people a color, get them scared, and conveniently offer them the solution. Terrorists? Don't worry bros, we got the Patriot Act. Iraq has WMDs? Don't worry bros, we'll invade them and kill Saddam. Now it's the same shit with Iran.

    I think history is bound to repeat itself. It's almost always the same; War -> taxes -> revolution.
  10. Im down for a new peace movement, one with force too, not just sit ins lol.
  11. We can start a new one whenever just need a big enough group. I'd rather do something than sit around and say we did something though.
  12. Flower children never went away they are just waiting in plain sight waiting for the right opportunity.
  13. Adam Vs The Man | Anchoring the Internet 7 Days a Week
    the marines are now the anti-war mongers

    An Open Letter to President Obama from a Veteran

    Dear President Obama,

    I am writing to you as just one veteran, just one man, but today, you may see that I am joined by many more. We gather today before you in support of Ron Paul and not because we think he would merely be a better administrator of government than you, but because we believe your policies to be fundamentally immoral. We are demanding peaceful, orderly change through the ballot box.

    We are gathered here today as active duty service members and veterans exercising the right to self-expression that we all have risked our lives to protect. Something you’ve never done in uniform. The military you command has made attempts to silence us, not just in the existing codes and regulations intended to suppress the dissent in the ranks, but also in direct warnings that your officers have issued to the troops who would be with us today – who would speak out against the status quo – who would challenge the man – who would speak a desperately needed truth, to a desperately delusional power!

    Do not think for one second that you can silence this voice! Do not dare whisper the command to silence this voice! Do not deny that Ron Paul is the choice of the troops! You are not wanted as, you are not respected as, and you are not fit to be, the commander-in-chief of this great force of America’s finest who would lay down their lives to defend you.

    As you have warned us about petty regulations, I too have a warning for you, Mr. President. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. If elections in this country are halfway fair or transparent, and the GOP supports the troops enough to listen to them, Ron Paul will be the nominee of the Republican Party and you will be a one term President!

    But if they’re not. If the voice of the people is not heard and the voice of the troops is not respected, we’ll be back. These veterans aren’t going away. And if you should decide against what I have no doubt is your better judgement, that you can allow just one of these people here today to suffer for exercising the rights that you swore to defend when you took office, if we are denied the peaceful change we demand, I promise you this: we’re going to be doing this the hard way.

    Yours in liberty,

    Adam Kokesh
  14. im in
    ill fight for peace
  15. I could give a more in-depth analysis of what led to the hippy movement, how it progressed, and how the government handled it, but I am in no mood.

    However, I AM curious as to what the hell actually happened to all the hippies from the 60's. Did they all just give up on all their ideals, and now are voting and espousing establishment? wtf
  16. They are still around. I have met several, two of which are very politically active on the state level, fighting for property rights, legalization of marijuana, more conscientious practices concerning nature, etc... I have also met some who are quieter, who will talk to those who would listen. I have gathered that infiltration and disorganization have broken their movements, as we have seen happen today with movements we have seen/participated in. Don't look for tie-dyed shirts and long hair anymore, look for overalls and compost bins. You'll find 'em.
  17. Many years ago Bob Fass, formerly of WBAI radio in NYC, and an expert on the counter-culture of the mid/late 1960's, said there was only one real hippie, and that was Emmett Grogan. Grogan was the founder of the Diggers, in Haight-Ashbury section of San Francisco, and died in 1978 while riding a subway in NYC.
  18. You know why the hippies died out? Because they weren't a serious group to begin with. Throw a bunch of white upper middle class teenagers into the street, give them drugs and music and that's what you get. Once the party was over, they all went home.
  19. Um.. Hippies?

    I see them everywhere. I guess it's just you.

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