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Dirty Bong = Dirty Health?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by GasganoFJ60, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone!:wave:
    Im new to the forum and it already seems like this is a very well-rounded forum :)

    My first question is this, if you neglect to clean your bong, can it cause you to get sick?

    I always flush the water out with fresh cold water but as far as going that extra step and cleaning and scrubbing the bong and bowl, will that gunk build up inside breed bacteria that can make you sick?
  2. I hate dirty bongs, I think they are nasty but i dont think they will get you sick
  3. I knew this one dude he had this bubbler that he NEVER cleaned or changed the water in I mean this thing had the same water in it for months upon months. He paid me $20 to clean it with rubbing alcohol and salt. I always fill my bong with ice cold water every morning before toking. A clean bong is the best though I used to clean mine after every session.
  4. It's just resin buildup.. I usually clean mine like every couple weeks, more then that seems like overkill to me.
  5. If you dont empty out water you may get Legionair's Desiese. I dont think they proved that but you get it from stale water that sits around so if you dont change it for a couple days then you could get it.
  6. I never have water in my bubblers unless im toking it at that moment or plan to be in the next few moments. as for my bongs i never keep in it but my Zong is a bitch to clean so its sorta dirty all the time. Ive gotta get one of those little magnets that you use for cleaning fish tanks. That would be dank. But yes a nice clean bong is always nice. but i doubt it would get anyone sick from it unless it smells horrible in which cause you may gag.

    And ps... If you ever come in contact with someone who lets their bong get so bad smelling that you gag, Slap them for me. Peace.

    But really dont slap him. slaping is mean. id rather be punched in the face then slapped.
  7. I clean my tube pretty much every day...and I'll usually rinse the bowl/diffy in hot water and run some hot water through the tube inbetween sessions.

    The quality of the hit improves so much with a clean tube.
  8. Yeah, my tube gets a daily salt/alchohol cleaning.

    if I smoke more than once in a day, i'll switch the water to fresh and get some new ice up in there.
  9. I like how many people also have tube with ice catches. Aren't they the shit.
    But I'm one of those who neglects to clean their bong. It gets stinky and I hate it. I've had it exactly a week though so its not too bad.

    Is there any way too clean a bong out to get the resin collected. Im not that fiendish but maybe if you ran water through it and let the water evaporate you could make a dank rez ball.
  10. Look up Formula 420
  11. Salt and alcohol works much better. That product is essentially the same thing but since it's marketed as "bong cleaner" they actually sell it to some gullible folks.
  12. So it doesn't work better, it is just cheaper. Right? You are correct in saying they are the same thing essentially.
  13. Ugh. How can anyone stand to not at least change the water every time you smoke? After about 2 days of using the same water, you can start to taste how nasty it is. Other than replacing the water, I don't think you really have to worry about totally cleaning it. And I don't think it could make you sick.
  14. I dont get why some people choose not to clean their bongs, especially if its a nice/expensive piece. I used to clean my bong at least once a week
  15. ok im not completely sure but i think since you are filtering the smoke through the water not the glass it, i would that that if you have a dirty bong but clean water you would be fine but if you have nasty ass water and a clean bong (idk how you would do that but im just throwing it out there) you would have a higher chance of getting sick
  16. if you neglect to clean your glass, bacteria can develop; also, glass can weaken and break more easily if you fail to keep it clean.
  17. dirty bong= bad. you can have bacteria and molds grow in pieces that are REALLY, REALLY dirty, but i've never let my pieces EVER come close to that. the most i go without cleaning is a few days.
  18. I despise dirty ass bongs. When someone wants me to take a grav or a hit out of their glass and its dirty as shit, I scold them for not cleaning it (I'm not ashamed, this is who I am).
  19. Here's my thoughts on the subject: Of course no one likes a nasty, smelly bong. I try to change the water out for every smoking session, and clean my bong once you can't see the inside anymore. However, I think a little bit of resin buildup is actually a good thing. When you smoke out of a totally clean piece, the hit you take is going to have everything in it... the good stuff (THC, cannabinoids) along with the bad (carcinogens). Now, I've found from experience that hitting a bong with a little resin buildup is actually a lot smoother. I think the texture of the resin on the glass actually collects more bad stuff from the smoke as it goes up the tube, but that's just my theory.
  20. Trust me when I say this probably isn't just a crazy stoned theory, because I just read it sober and it makes perfect sense (granted I DID smoke a few hours ago...). I hate having a lightbulb-type idea when I'm stoned and then end up questioning myself as to whether or not it actually has any merit.

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